Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Invited for breakfast - waffles with berries! Wow!
Nancy O'Bosky really spoils me! After supper yesterday evening, Nancy gave an invitation to eat waffles for breakfast this morning! Man-O-Man! This is sooooo great!

Have you ever heard of the Forestiere Underground Gardens?
Reader Merna sent an email suggesting to visit the Forestiere Gardens located in Fresno. We are heading up that way when we leave the O'Bosky Ranch later this morning.

Phone problems.
On our way north on a scenic trip toward the Sequoia area, on our way to Fresno. There was a message on our cell phone from son Joseph. We tried the phone, but it would not call anything but Cingular support?!

3PM - Working for hours with Cingular, to get our phone working.
In order for Cingular to figure out the phone problem, it is necessary to phone support from a land phone. During the next four hours, several different Cingular support people worked on this cell phone problem. Finally, after so much time, our phone finally worked.

Staying in Visalia for the nite.
It is clear that the fates do NOT want us to leave Visalia. So, we are staying here for the nite. We do not know why, but sometimes it is better to bend with the wind.

7PM - Crazy about making good food buys!
Do these buys look good to you? There are eight nice boneless chicken breasts @ $1.99/pound. Less than $1 for each breast! The chuck roast was also $1.99/lb, and will make at least five portions for less than $1/each. I know that it is somewhat silly to be excited about making good food buys, but I get a kick out of it!

George's good meat buys!


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