Sunday, March 27, 2005

Looking around Bakersfield!
We are going to spend some time looking over Bakersfield. Reader Eric wrote that he tracked The Team by looking at them from a satellite portal []. Eric wrote that there is a giant shoe a block or so away from us, and we will take a peek at that during our morning flower walk!

We on The Team believe that it is sooooo fantastic that it is possible to look down from a satellite, to see where we are camped. Here is the pic of giant shoe, which Mr. Mavica found exactly where Eric said it would be.

The Giant Shoe

11AM - Heading up into the Sequoia National Forest.
Northeast of Bakersfield, not too far away, is Sequoia Forest. That area is higher than Bakersfield, and The Team wants to be higher because it is cooler.

Entering Sequoia.

A passing vehicle knocks out MsTioga's mirror!
A little ways after entering Sequoia, a passing vehicle struck MsTioga's driver's side mirror. I did not see us cross over to the opposite lane, or see the other vehicle cross over to our lane. I immediately stopped, but the other vehicle did not return.

Fortunately, the broken mirror appeared to be made from safety glass, and only shattered mirror fragments reached my face. I was not hurt at all. It is not safe to drive without this mirror. We cannot travel further without replacing the broken mirror.

Camping in Sequoia National Forest.
We have made a camp in a roadside parking area. The Kern River flows a few feet away. Tomorrow we will return to the city to replace the broken rear view mirror.

Kern River flows right by our Camp.


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