Monday, March 07, 2005

Quartzsite, Arizona is our next place to see!
But before we leave, Mr. Mavica wants to take a bunch more pics for our "out-takes" page, where we will publish all the pics that were taken in Slab City. Also, we found another fellow DataStormer here in Slab City, and we want to drop by and say "Hi."

It may take The Team a few days to get to Quartzsite. After all, it's a 130 mile trip!

Slab City Raw, unedited pics!
These are all of the pics that Mr. Mavica took of Slab City. Many readers are interested in Slab City and want to see what it looks like.

Slab City raw pics

4PM - Midway Camp.
The Team has named this place, Midway Camp, and it will be our Nite Camp site. We are halfway to Quartzsite. This is an interesting place. The ground around MsTioga is filled with volcanic rock. This is not so unusual. However this ground looks something like a paved road, and is unusally flat!

There are flowers all around us. We will not pick any though. These flowers have worked so hard to be here!

The sky is very clear. Tonite, the Moon will not be visible during the evening, according to our SkyMap astronomy program. This means that George will be up on MsTioga's roof this evening!

Midway Camp - halfway to Quartzsite.


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