Friday, March 25, 2005

Red Rock Canyon Visitor's Center.
When we leave our Red Rock Camp, we will go a few miles south and look at the visitor's center for the canyon to find out what this place is all about.

10AM - Red Rock Canyon has gorgeous rock formations!
Mr. Mavica took the pic below of one of the Red Rock Canyon walls. Some of the ledges appear to look like large chess pieces!

Magnificent wall at the entrance to the Visitor's Center.

We saw a very nice campground in the canyon. We even met a reader of our Adventure Blog in the visitor's center! Isn't that something? Hmmmmmm?

Nite Camped in the Town of Mojave.
After shopping for groceries, we made a Nite Camp in the back of a shopping center in Mojave. MsTioga is somewhat tucked in behind a building, to be protected from the wind.


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