Thursday, March 24, 2005

Redrock Canyon State Park
About 32 miles ahead of us, is Redrock Canyon. We have never been there, but will look to making our Camp at this park later this morning.

New Catalytic Converter warranty problem.
Last night I received an email from a reader that got me to do some research about the warranty for my new catalytic converter. It turns out, that the manufacturer requires that the cause of the converter failure MUST be determined and that cause reported on the warranty certificate.

I am back this morning at the installer's business, to have that matter cleared up.

Installer shows George that MsTioga's engine is OK.
The installer was cooperative, and tested the converter to see if the air-fuel ratio was within acceptable limits. He used a graphic test meter which he claimed showed that MsTioga's engine has a correct fuel mixture. We will quit worrying now.

Breakfast camped north of Red Rock Canyon State Park.
We have made a camp here, for several reasons. First, there are gorgeous flowers here, that are sooooo yellow.

Bright gold flowers in the desert!

Close up of the gold.

Secondly, we have to decide whether to go south to Red Rock Canyon, or turn west heading for Lake Isabella. The weather to the west looks a bit stormy. Dark clouds. After breakfast, we will do some weather research to determine which way to go, west or south.

BTW, on March 9th, 2004 we Nite Camped within a 1/4 mile of this exact spot where we are camped right now.

3PM - Red Rock Canyon.
We decided to go south to Red Rock Canyon. This is a place of grand and subtle beauty that does not come out and smack you in your eye. We appear to be at the very north end of the park. On the State web site, there is a developed section to the south.

Red Rock Canyon State Park.

Nite Camp Location


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