Thursday, March 31, 2005

Trying to break away from Blogger!
Blogger has been lots of problems, sooooo we are beginning to use software to prepare and publish our Blog. Today’s post is using this new software.

Below is a test image upload. Testing text change.


Death Valley South Entrance.

Wow! Mr. Chips and Mr. Mavica LOVE this new software!!
We are now able to publish quickly, and even upload images directly to our web host automatically! We still have the ability to go onto Blogger’s website and mess with our Blog there. Testing text change.

Text change again.

Text change again! Wow!

About the new Blog Software!
The name of this software is "BlogJet." I was having very large problems with Blogger, and I do not know why. Emails to Blogger were not clear on why there were problems. Perhaps the size of my Blog was a factor. Anyway, often it took forever to just get to my Blogger site. When I finally got there, uploading images and publishing, very often just would not happen. I would be forced to republish or reupload many, many times. A post that should have taken me a few minutes to prepare and publish, sometimes took an HOUR!! Last nite I stumbled onto BlogJet, which gave me the option of using my existing Blog. This option is very important, because this means that I am able to go into my Blog site and mess around.

Here is a link to BlogJet.
BlogJet Software Link
If you have any questions about BlogJet, send me an email, OK?

10AM – Heading up to Sequoia National Park area.
Now that The Team has our cell phone problems and Blog publishing problems behind us, we are going to celebrate by getting on the road again? Why not? Hmmmmmm? We are Vagabonds, right? We are going to follow the backroads toward Sequoia, and see where they lead us.

Noon – Lake Kaweah.
On the way here, we passed Lake Kaweah, where Mr. Mavica took the lovely pic below.


Looking at the snow covered Sierra Nevada Mountains from Lake Kaweah.

2PM - Camped at Potwisha.
After MsTioga entered Sequoia Park, The Team all looked at the handout map. There is an advisory NOT to drive passed Potwisha with vehicles over 22 feet long. MsTioga is 27 feet long. We are camping here, and in the morning we will decide whether we will continue, or backtrack all the way west and north around the park in order to avoid this 22 foot advisory section.

Middle Fork Kaweah River flows just beneath our Camp!
A rocky path from our Camp, leads down to the Middle Fork Kaweah River. A person who loves rivers, could get lost in the sounds and sight of this lovely stream.


Middle Fork Kaweah River.


Google Map Link

Google Earth Link

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