Saturday, April 30, 2005

We visit Mirror Lake today!
Mirror Lake is a must visit when we visit Yosemite Park. Mr. Mavica loves Mirror Lake, and hopes to catch the reflection of Half Dome in the waters. Did you know that Mirror Lake is disappearing? Some year soon, Mirror Lake will be a meadow. The lake is filling in with sediment, and in the summer there is no lake here.

11AM - Returned from Mirror Lake.
A perfect morning at the fabulous Mirror Lake. The light was perfect. The water level of the lake was soooooooo high! The reflections in the lake were perfectly clear, because there was no wind!


Reflection of the mountains in the mirror.


Images of the trees! Wow!


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Friday, April 29, 2005

6AM - Gorgeous Day in Yosemite!
The Team pulled out of our Upper Pines Campsite, and made our Day Camped in the Curry Village parking lot. The sky has not one single cloud! Wow!

9AM – Hike to the bottom of Upper Yosemite Falls.
This hike will be a tough one. The trail guide describes the hike as "strenuous." This hike is going only to the bottom of the Upper Falls, so maybe we have a chance to make it.


Yosemite Falls Trail sign.


Pic of valley floor from along the trail.


George looks at Half Dome from the bottom of Upper Yosemite Falls.


Upper Yosemite Falls. Wow!

2PM - Returned to Yosemite Valley floor.
This day was fabulous! Wonderful! Fantastic! The bestiest of days! It was hard to get to the top of this hike. It is soooooo great to have been able to do it. Wow!


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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Rainy day in Yosemite National Park,
We are going to take Giant Umbrella with us when we go out this morning. First thing that George and Mr. Mavica will do, is tour Yosemite Valley on the free shuttle bus.

Snow mound at Yosemite Falls.
Several years back, George and son David climbed the Yosemite Falls trail. When we reached the bottom of the Upper Falls, we saw a fantastic snow mound! This mound was a few hundred of feet high, and looked like a mound of white sugar. While in the Visitor's Center yesterday, Mr. Mavica took a pic of this rarely seen snow mound from one of the exhibited photos.


Pure white snow mound at the foot of Upper Yosemite Falls.

4:30PM - Rain kept coming all day long.
Late in the afternoon, a little blue sky peeked thru. The weather looks to be much improved tomorrow. George and Mr. Mavica are thinking about hiking to the bottom of Upper Yosemite Falls tomorrow morning. Others on The Team do not know if Old George has the stuff for a hike like that.

In the pic below, Mr. Mavica looks at the clouds above our Day Camp. Behind those clouds hides Half Dome, which has not been visible all day long!


George looks at the clouds where Half Dome hides!


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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Arriviing in Yosemite National Park this morning!
The Team is sooooo excited to see the spectacular entrance to Yosemite Valley. Have you ever been to Yosemite? Hmmmmm?

9AM - Yosemite Valley First Looks!
Below are Mr. Mavica's pics of our first looks of Yosemite.


Half Dome from the Valley entrance.


Merced River and Bridal Vail Falls.


George looks up at the elegant El Capitan.


First look at Yosemite Falls.

10AM - Got a Campsite in Upper Pines Campground.
We rented space for four nites. Wow! Can you imagine that?! We were lucky to be able to be camped without reservations.


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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

6:30AM - Breakfast Camped in the Town of Chinese Camp.
We pulled out of last nite's Camp, and headed down the road. We like to leave our Nite Camp early, so as not to disturb neighbors who may conclude that an RV is permanently camped in their neighborhood.

We are now camped in the Town of Chinese Camp. This little town seems to have a lot of history. We stopped here because this might be an interesting place to take our morning flower walk.


Pic of our Breakfast Camp


Chinese Camp Plaque

What do you do during the day?
A reader emailed asking "What do you do during the day?" One of the things that I do early everyday, is listen to music on the baby boombox while getting dressed, shaving and exercising. My favorite music lately, has been Mexican songs, mostly from the Cha-Cha era of 50 years ago. My favorite Cha-Cha song is “Nosotros.” Remember that song that I heard coming from the pool hall in Santa Rosalia? It is titled, "A Quien" and is sung by Karina. Love that song! On the CD that I made, “A Quien” is recorded several times!

2PM – Found a fabulous, free Camp in the Stanislaus Forest!
Signs are not posted along the road stating, "Great free camping, turn here!" However, that is where the great free campsites are! We saw several open green gates just after entering the Stanislaus National Forest. We turned and went thru one of these green gates. A short distance up the dirt road, we came to a gorgeous flat area with a 360 degree view of the forest. Snow capped peaks to the east. Lovely forest everywhere. Wow!


MsTioga and George get their pic taken at Stanislaus Camp.


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Monday, April 25, 2005

Passing where George met MsTioga!
This morning as we continue our Adventure heading toward the fabulous Yosemite National Park, we will stop and take a peek at the place where George met MsTioga. As you may know, it was on February 25th, 2003 that MsTioga spotted George wanderiing around the RV lot. MsTioga waited patiently for George to find her.

Who knew on that day, that the Adventures of Tioga and George had just begun?!!

10AM – Manteca RV visit.
MsTioga and The Team were very excited to stop and have Mr. Mavica take their pic in front of the place where MsTioga met George. Unfortunately, one of Manteca Trailer and Camper's requirements for purchase was an "As-Is, No Warranty" agreement. MsTioga had a great deal of water damage in her cabover floor.

As a result of our experience with Manteca Trailer and Camper, we advise all of our readers NEVER to buy an RV that requires an "AS-IS" document to be signed. I did not know how to inspect an RV way back then, and did not learn about the water damage until several months later in the State of Washington!!


George and MsTioga in front of Manteca RV.

Bought new jeans at KMart.
We spotted a KMart store, and went shopping for new jeans for George. We found two pairs of jeans that fit just right. We like KMart, because they stuck with Martha Stewart.

11AM – Breakfast Camped in Manteca.
We found a quiet street next to a grove of fruit trees that made a lovely breakfast camp. The road is level, so Mr. Levelers does not even have to work!


George and MsTioga watch as Mr. Datastorm uplinks to the space station.

3PM – Supper Camped near Yosemite Junction.
This place has green grass and oak trees along the road and would make a good Nite Camp. If we are not bothered during the evening, we will stay the nite.

7PM - The Team has company!
Would you believe, that somebody knocked on MsTioga's door this evening, and it was none other than Tim the Toolman and his Mom, Rose! They live not too far away, and decided to come out to say hello. Tim tracked The Team, using a portable GPS! Wow!


Tim, Rose [his Mom] and George.

Do you have trouble backing up your RV?
I kept on bashing into things, when backing up MsTioga. Tim the Toolman, a good reader friend took pity on me and donated a backup camera to help me out. Since that camera was installed, I have not backed into even one thing! Thank you, Tim !!
Backup Camera system for your RV


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Sunday, April 24, 2005

On the road to Yosemite National Park!
Sometime this morning, we will say goodbye to son David, and head out towards Yosemite National Park! The Park is 165 miles away, so we will not arrive until a few days from now, even if we travel at 40 miles per day! Wow! That is very fast for The Team.

Answering Email.
Before breakfast I wrote that I would not be able to answer all emails anymore. Now, it is after breakfast, and I am re-writing this post. Please keep sending me emails, because I love to receive them!!

The problem is with me. Often I write long winded replies that take me too long to compose. I have to discipline myself to make shorter replies.

11AM - Breakfast Camped near John Marsh Stone House.
The Team pulled out of Concord, and we are heading east. We have made a Breakfast Camp near the

John Marsh Stone House.


George looks at the historic Dr. John Marsh Stone House.

Day Camped in the City of Stockton.
The Team has driven 48 miles today, a bit more than planned. Our Day Camp is next to a primary school. We had to look around a lot to find a Camp, because many of the streets are so crowned, that Mr. Levelers would not be able to do his job.

The neighborhood where The Team is Camped is mostly Mexican. It is Sunday, and music of Mexico is coming from a car parked nearby. You know that we on The Team love Mexican music!

Joy of being on the road again.
After several days of building David's cabinets, it is really tranquil being on the road. Cabinet building is satisfying, but fighting with the wood is sometimes stressful. I bet that you know how I feel, right? New sights, new places. The Team is addicted to traveling. We love it sooooooo much!


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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Maintenance and repairs day for MsTioga, Mr. Chips and Mr. Datastorm!
When MsTioga went to Jose's Auto Repair last Friday, greasing her chassis was overlooked. So, we are going back this morning to get that grease job.

Mr. Chips has problems with his hard drive cables coming loose, and we hope that the store where we purchased Mr. Chips will be able to fix that problem. Mr. Datastorm needs a new USB cable and some work done to debug possible power supply problems.

David's face frame cabinet.
Son David has taken over the balance of the work to complete his cabinet. The Team will be hanging around there later today, to lend a hand if needed.

Everybody on The Team is wanting get going on a new Adventure!
We mentioned a few days ago, that Yosemite might be where we go next. But who knows?! We never know where we will make Camp at the end of a day!

Family pic!
My two sons and I got together for the evening for a great time! We talked and talked and talked! Wow! This was a very special day for me!!


Family! Joseph, George and David.

Nite Camp Location Map


Friday, April 22, 2005

Hoping to complete the cabinet face frame today!
I know that I wrote this same thing yesterday. It is taking soooooo long. Every task seems to be a battle. But I am very close now!

The Face Frame is in!!
You cannot imagine how happy I am to make this post! Wow!


The famous face frame is finally finished! Fantastic!


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