Tuesday, April 26, 2005

6:30AM - Breakfast Camped in the Town of Chinese Camp.
We pulled out of last nite's Camp, and headed down the road. We like to leave our Nite Camp early, so as not to disturb neighbors who may conclude that an RV is permanently camped in their neighborhood.

We are now camped in the Town of Chinese Camp. This little town seems to have a lot of history. We stopped here because this might be an interesting place to take our morning flower walk.


Pic of our Breakfast Camp


Chinese Camp Plaque

What do you do during the day?
A reader emailed asking "What do you do during the day?" One of the things that I do early everyday, is listen to music on the baby boombox while getting dressed, shaving and exercising. My favorite music lately, has been Mexican songs, mostly from the Cha-Cha era of 50 years ago. My favorite Cha-Cha song is “Nosotros.” Remember that song that I heard coming from the pool hall in Santa Rosalia? It is titled, "A Quien" and is sung by Karina. Love that song! On the CD that I made, “A Quien” is recorded several times!

2PM – Found a fabulous, free Camp in the Stanislaus Forest!
Signs are not posted along the road stating, "Great free camping, turn here!" However, that is where the great free campsites are! We saw several open green gates just after entering the Stanislaus National Forest. We turned and went thru one of these green gates. A short distance up the dirt road, we came to a gorgeous flat area with a 360 degree view of the forest. Snow capped peaks to the east. Lovely forest everywhere. Wow!


MsTioga and George get their pic taken at Stanislaus Camp.


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