Friday, April 29, 2005

6AM - Gorgeous Day in Yosemite!
The Team pulled out of our Upper Pines Campsite, and made our Day Camped in the Curry Village parking lot. The sky has not one single cloud! Wow!

9AM – Hike to the bottom of Upper Yosemite Falls.
This hike will be a tough one. The trail guide describes the hike as "strenuous." This hike is going only to the bottom of the Upper Falls, so maybe we have a chance to make it.


Yosemite Falls Trail sign.


Pic of valley floor from along the trail.


George looks at Half Dome from the bottom of Upper Yosemite Falls.


Upper Yosemite Falls. Wow!

2PM - Returned to Yosemite Valley floor.
This day was fabulous! Wonderful! Fantastic! The bestiest of days! It was hard to get to the top of this hike. It is soooooo great to have been able to do it. Wow!


No anchor map link published for this day.

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