Saturday, April 23, 2005

Maintenance and repairs day for MsTioga, Mr. Chips and Mr. Datastorm!
When MsTioga went to Jose's Auto Repair last Friday, greasing her chassis was overlooked. So, we are going back this morning to get that grease job.

Mr. Chips has problems with his hard drive cables coming loose, and we hope that the store where we purchased Mr. Chips will be able to fix that problem. Mr. Datastorm needs a new USB cable and some work done to debug possible power supply problems.

David's face frame cabinet.
Son David has taken over the balance of the work to complete his cabinet. The Team will be hanging around there later today, to lend a hand if needed.

Everybody on The Team is wanting get going on a new Adventure!
We mentioned a few days ago, that Yosemite might be where we go next. But who knows?! We never know where we will make Camp at the end of a day!

Family pic!
My two sons and I got together for the evening for a great time! We talked and talked and talked! Wow! This was a very special day for me!!


Family! Joseph, George and David.

Nite Camp Location Map


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