Sunday, April 24, 2005

On the road to Yosemite National Park!
Sometime this morning, we will say goodbye to son David, and head out towards Yosemite National Park! The Park is 165 miles away, so we will not arrive until a few days from now, even if we travel at 40 miles per day! Wow! That is very fast for The Team.

Answering Email.
Before breakfast I wrote that I would not be able to answer all emails anymore. Now, it is after breakfast, and I am re-writing this post. Please keep sending me emails, because I love to receive them!!

The problem is with me. Often I write long winded replies that take me too long to compose. I have to discipline myself to make shorter replies.

11AM - Breakfast Camped near John Marsh Stone House.
The Team pulled out of Concord, and we are heading east. We have made a Breakfast Camp near the

John Marsh Stone House.


George looks at the historic Dr. John Marsh Stone House.

Day Camped in the City of Stockton.
The Team has driven 48 miles today, a bit more than planned. Our Day Camp is next to a primary school. We had to look around a lot to find a Camp, because many of the streets are so crowned, that Mr. Levelers would not be able to do his job.

The neighborhood where The Team is Camped is mostly Mexican. It is Sunday, and music of Mexico is coming from a car parked nearby. You know that we on The Team love Mexican music!

Joy of being on the road again.
After several days of building David's cabinets, it is really tranquil being on the road. Cabinet building is satisfying, but fighting with the wood is sometimes stressful. I bet that you know how I feel, right? New sights, new places. The Team is addicted to traveling. We love it sooooooo much!


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