Monday, April 25, 2005

Passing where George met MsTioga!
This morning as we continue our Adventure heading toward the fabulous Yosemite National Park, we will stop and take a peek at the place where George met MsTioga. As you may know, it was on February 25th, 2003 that MsTioga spotted George wanderiing around the RV lot. MsTioga waited patiently for George to find her.

Who knew on that day, that the Adventures of Tioga and George had just begun?!!

10AM – Manteca RV visit.
MsTioga and The Team were very excited to stop and have Mr. Mavica take their pic in front of the place where MsTioga met George. Unfortunately, one of Manteca Trailer and Camper's requirements for purchase was an "As-Is, No Warranty" agreement. MsTioga had a great deal of water damage in her cabover floor.

As a result of our experience with Manteca Trailer and Camper, we advise all of our readers NEVER to buy an RV that requires an "AS-IS" document to be signed. I did not know how to inspect an RV way back then, and did not learn about the water damage until several months later in the State of Washington!!


George and MsTioga in front of Manteca RV.

Bought new jeans at KMart.
We spotted a KMart store, and went shopping for new jeans for George. We found two pairs of jeans that fit just right. We like KMart, because they stuck with Martha Stewart.

11AM – Breakfast Camped in Manteca.
We found a quiet street next to a grove of fruit trees that made a lovely breakfast camp. The road is level, so Mr. Levelers does not even have to work!


George and MsTioga watch as Mr. Datastorm uplinks to the space station.

3PM – Supper Camped near Yosemite Junction.
This place has green grass and oak trees along the road and would make a good Nite Camp. If we are not bothered during the evening, we will stay the nite.

7PM - The Team has company!
Would you believe, that somebody knocked on MsTioga's door this evening, and it was none other than Tim the Toolman and his Mom, Rose! They live not too far away, and decided to come out to say hello. Tim tracked The Team, using a portable GPS! Wow!


Tim, Rose [his Mom] and George.

Do you have trouble backing up your RV?
I kept on bashing into things, when backing up MsTioga. Tim the Toolman, a good reader friend took pity on me and donated a backup camera to help me out. Since that camera was installed, I have not backed into even one thing! Thank you, Tim !!
Backup Camera system for your RV


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