Tuesday, May 31, 2005

7AM – Goldendale, Washington.
The Team may poke around the Town of Goldendale today. We are not sure why we like this town, but we do.

Looking directly out from MsTioga's window, is the daunting presence of the Mighty Mount Rainier. We would not want to be up on that volcano!


Mount Rainier from the Town of Goldendale.

8AM - Breakfast Camped with Yellow Roses!
In an industrial section of Goldendale, we found a Breakfast Camp. Just outside MsTioga's door, are wild yellow roses. Wow!


Wild yellow roses in Goldendale.

12 Noon - Heading up the road.
The Team had a meeting, and decided to leave Goldenvale and see what adventure we find a few miles up the road. We are vagabonds, you know!

3PM - Day Camped in Toppenish.
As we were driving thru the Town of Toppenish, we came upon a dump station. Readers have often written emails, wondering how we find places to empty our holding tanks. We wrote a MsTioga Magazine story about that subject. Would you like to take a peek? Hmmmm?
Dumping RV Holding Tanks

8PM - Moved to the Town of Union Gap, for the nite.
Drove north during the early evening, and found a Camp in a quiet place behind some industrial property.

Nite Camp Site

Monday, May 30, 2005

The Mighty Columbia River!
Looks as though today The Team may see the waters of the Great Columbia!

8:30AM - Arlington, Oregon.
We have made a Breakfast Camp in the Town of Arlington, Oregon. We are tucked in close to a building for protection from the wind which seems quite strong today. After breakfast, MsTioga has asked that some cleaning be done to her exterior. Good idea!

11AM - MsTioga wants to show off.
When the rains come, MsTioga gets really muddy from our boondocking in the forest. Cleaning is almost impossible for MsTioga, because the mud comes right back! Now that the rains have stopped, our cleaning has started. Everybody on The Team is soooo happy for MsTioga, who wants you to look especially at her black shiny tires. We put some dressing on her tires!


Hi Everybody! Look at my shiny tires!

3:30PM - Goldendale, Washington!
The Team has crossed the border into the State of Washington, and has made a Day Camp in the Town of Goldendale. Our Camp is along a nice park across from the Klickitat County Courthouse. Because of the Memorial Day holiday, it is pretty quiet here.


MsTioga looks pretty cool in Goldendale's park.

We found another tree in the park. Captured it too!
We are calling this tree, a Silver Fir. Take a peek at our Trees Page. If you see any corrections that should be made on our Trees Page, please email, OK?

6PM - We moved to our Nite Camp in Goldendale.
The Team followed its instincts, and moved our location to our Nite Camp. We are near the Goldendale Airport. This is a nice place, with a view of perhaps 50 miles to the north. We see the giant volcano, Mount Rainier, rising above the clouds.

Nite Camp Location Link

Sunday, May 29, 2005

6AM – Umatilla Breakfast Camp
Our Nite Camp site would not get any Sun, until past noon. So, we moved along the logging road, to a clear sky place.

10AM - Heading north again.
After a pancake, bacon, sausage and egg breakfast, Mr. Mavica took a nice pic of the trunk of a Juniper tree, which was posted to our Trees Page.

Now we are heading north out of the Umatilla Forest.

2PM - Heppner, Oregon
As we approached the Town of Heppner, we remembered making a Camp here last year. Would you like to take a peek at our journal from that day? Hmmmm?
Heppner, Oregon 08-10-2004

3PM - Camped in the little Town of Ione.
It is sort of warm here at a bit over 1,000 feet altitude. Mr. Datastorm reports that his temperature is 94 degrees on the roof.

8PM - Moved our Camp.
Remaining inside the Town of Ione after Day Camping there since 3PM, did not seem like a good idea. We moved our Camp north to the rural and very little traveled Palmateer Road.


Our Nite Camp alongside Palmateer Road, north of Ione.

Nite Camp Location Link

Saturday, May 28, 2005

5:30AM - John Day Camp.
Summer has finally caught up with The TiogaRV Team! Last nite was the first time that our valiant Mr. Wave6 could rest, in sooooo long. No heat was necessary. It never got below 60 degrees inside MsTioga. Only one blanket was required, our crocheted top blanket wasn't necessary either.


John Day River in the early morning lite. Wow!

Wild yellow snap dragons!
We have never seen wild snap dragon flowers, until now!


Gorgeous! Yellow Snapdragons!

Mr. Mavica has started collecting trees!
Yesterday, Mr. Mavica had a brain storm! He decided to begin to collect trees. You cannot imagine how exciting it is, to capture a tree. Maybe now, we on The Team will be able to learn about all the lovely trees that we find along our journey!
Trees Along My Journey

12 Noon - Found our Camp for tonite, in the Umatilla National Forest.
We have made our Camp, along what is likely a dirt road used for logging. We on The Team, are sooooo thankful for well managed forests which allow for logging and other uses. Without this quality of management, we would not find many Camps in the forest.

MsTioga gets her oil changed today!
It is time for MsTioga to get new oil. As you may know, at the last oil change we switched to Wal*Mart's SuperTech Full Synthetic Oil and their SuperTech Oil Filter. So far, we are very satisfied with this change. We found that MsTioga gets about 6/10 per mile better mileage now. We last changed oil about 4,100 miles ago.

6PM - Nap Time.
The sounds of the birds and the breeze, brought on a two hour nap. Wow! The sky is clouded over now, and we can hear thunder to the southwest.


It is really wonderful to only hear nature at our Camp.

More yellow flowers!
That George is really crazy for things that grow!


Yellow flowers in Umatilla National Forest.

7PM - Thunder and Lightning getting closer.
During supper, lightning could be seen reflecting off the dark clouds. The strikes were getting closer. Eight seconds from the lightning to the thunder. Now 6 seconds. Then 4 seconds, 3 seconds. At 2 seconds, Mr. Datastorm's antenna came down. The thunder was soooooo loud, that it shook MsTioga really hard. Everybody on the The Team was scared when the thunder made MsTioga shake!

10:30PM - The storm is over, and some stars are out.
Outside, directly over our Camp, the Big Dipper can be seen. The stars are not bright and sparkly. But clear enough to tell us that the nite sky has very few clouds. The lightning and thunder has passed us by.

Nite Camp Location Link

Friday, May 27, 2005

7AM - John Day River Country
Somewhere northeast of our Camp, is the John Day River. Nobody on The Team remembers ever making a Camp along the John Day. We will be heading there this morning.

10AM - Breakfast Camped alongside a wheat field.
MsTioga bought gas in the Town of Mitchell, Oregon. While we were there, we met a brown bear named Henry. The owner of the gas station invited Mr. Mavica and George to go in and take a pic of Henry and maybe feed him an apple. Mr. Mavica thought that this was not a good idea, and George thought so too.

We stopped for breakfast north of the Town of Mitchell. It is very peaceful here, little traffic and lots of birdies.


Breakfast was different today. Tuna salad and veggies!

2PM - Camped along the John Day River.
The John Day River sort of reminds us of the Main Salmon River, because they both flow thru sparse vegetation valleys which have similar rock formations.


Camping at the John Day River .


Ridge above the River.

Nite Camp Location Link


Thursday, May 26, 2005

7AM - Ochoco National Forest Camp.
We had a Team meeting this morning, and decided to stay right here at our lovely Camp in the Ochoco Forest for another day. We will do a little cleaning and painting maintenance on MsTioga. We also have some trees to identify. We love trees! And don’t forget the Agate Beds. If these Agate Beds are not too far away, we will hike over there.

MsTioga Magazine Stories.
George is working on three new MsTioga Magazine stories. Do you want to know what they will be about? Hmmmmm? OK, then. One is about "Dumping RV Tanks." Yuck! Another story is about, "Getting your RV stuck in the mud." George knows a lot about getting stuck in the mud! And then there is a story about "A Camping Journal."

3PM - Time for resting.

Today we cleaned MsTioga a little. Painted some places that were rusty on her rear bumper. We researched one of the trees nearby, that appears to be some kind of Juniper with a pungent odor on its leaves. And, we worked on MsTioga Magazine. Now it is time for resting in our backyard.


Backyard boondocker.

Do you boondock in the forest? Ever get stuck in the mud?
The TiogaRV Team has been stuck in the mud, and other places, many times. Here is a story that shares our experience. Want to take a peek?
How to avoid getting your RV stuck!


Google Map Link

Google Earth Link

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Heading for Ochoco National Forest.
We are going to drive toward Prineville this morning, heading to the Ochoco National Forest. We have never been thru this forest, and want to explore.

10AM - Breakfast Camped at Peter Ogden Park.
When we stopped here at Ogden Park, we found that we'd gone past the turn off to Prineville. Can you imagine that? Wow! We will have to double back a bit after breakfast. Whenever a mistake is made like that, I always think to myself, "Maybe I wasn't supposed to go that way?!" Do you do that too?

While in the Town of Redmond, we went grocery shopping and also bought new mounting screws to bolt Mr. Levelers to MsTioga's chassis.

2PM - Passing thru Prineville.
We were tempted to stop at the Dairy Queen in Prineville, and buy a sundae. Instead, we went to the Sentry Grocery and bought a 1/2 gallon "Death By Chocolate" ice cream. Really! That's what its called!

3PM - Camped in the Ochoco National Forest.
And it is soooooo gorgeous. All around our Camp are cedar, fir and Ponderosa pine trees. We are at the 4.397 foot level. Being high is the only way to stay in cool weather, right? There are signs reading, "Public Agate Beds." We will have to check these out.


MsTioga and The Team in the Ochoco National Forest for the first time!

5:45PM - Mr. Levelers has a word for all of his fans!
Hi everybody. This is Mr. Levelers typing at you. I want you to know, that all four of my jacks are working now. George put my repaired jack back onto MsTioga. All of my indicator lites are working too.

Did you know that this is the second time that George messed up my jacks trying to get MsTioga unstuck. I made George promise, that he will never, never, never, ever, try to use one of my jacks to try to get MsTioga unstuck again. I have forgiven George for this terrible error of judgment. I believe that George has finally learned his lesson.

Sounds of nature.
Last nite at bed time, the sounds of traffic in Redmond, Oregon were really loud. It was hard to sleep. Today in the Ochoco Forest, the sounds that are heard are wind thru the trees. Wow! What a neat and wonderful sound. Everything is sooooo peaceful. What a gift!


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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Perspective at East Lake.
So many things make people angry, sad, bored, depressed. If we could see that someday, simple things like just being able to button our own shirt would be impossible, everything would look sooooo different. Everything now would be a gift, a miracle.


A gift.


A miracle.

9AM – Heading up to the City of Bend, Oregon.
Mr. Levelers' replacement parts are being mailed to us at General Delivery in Bend. Somehow this package got sent to the Tacoma, Washington area, and is now on its way to Bend. We will have to stay in this area, until the leveler parts arrive. In the meantime, Mr. Dometic has to get his annual check up. So, we are heading up to Bend today.

2PM – Mr. Levelers' replacement parts came in!
We picked up the General Delivery package with Mr. Levelers' parts at the post office in Bend, Oregon.


George shows off Mr. Levelers parts.

Mr. Dometic's service will have to wait.
We could not get an appointment for Mr. Dometic. Everybody was too busy here in Bend, Oregon. So, we made an appointment at a Dometic service company in the Yakima, Washington for June 3rd. We found Aubrey’s RV in Yakima on the internet, and phoned them on our cell phone. This electronic stuff really is the greatest thing!!

6PM - Pilot Butte in the middle of Bend, OR.
Pilot Butte is a cinder cone rising several hundred feet, surrounded by the City of Bend. Mr. Mavica took a pic looking at the Three Sisters, west of the cone.


Three Sisters.

8PM - Nite Camped in Redmond, Oregon.
MsTioga is Camped between two giant commercial trailers. We are camouflaged from the outside world!

Last nite when we made Camp at East Lake, we were at 6,400 feet. Tonite in Redmond, Oregon, we are at 3,100 feet. What a big difference in temperature, 3,300 feet make.


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Monday, May 23, 2005

5:30AM – Only 19 degrees outside!
Thermo is reporting a very cold 19 degrees. Hmmmmm? We really like having an inside/outside thermometer.

8AM - Breakfast Camped in La Pine State Park.
Except for a bunch of tiny squirrels, we are the only other people here in the Park, . It is sunny, and Twee is soaking up the sun.


George puts Twee out in the morning Sun.

12 Noon - Biggest Ponderosa Pine in Oregon!
We met some campers who said that we just had to see the largest Ponderosa Pine in Oregon, which is inside the Park.


Trail to the Big Tree.


Big Tree is really BIG!

3PM - East Lake Campground in Newberry National Volcanic Monument
A reader named George emailed suggesting that we go out here, and here we are! Isn't East Lake a lovely place?


East Lake Campground.


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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Heading down the mountain.
This morning, we will head back down the mountain from our Waldo Lake Road Camp. Mr. Levelers has repair parts being sent to us in Bend, Oregon. So, we will be heading north toward Bend over the next few days.

Mr. Dometic, our hard working refrigerator, also needs to have some work done in Bend, Oregon. Mr. Dometic's service contract requires an annual inspection at an authorized Dometic service center.

11AM - Deschutes Forest Camp
We have made our Camp, a bit west of the Town of Crescent, Oregon. Twee has been put out in the sunshine, and is sitting on MsTioga's step enjoying the nice day. George went out to try and figure out the names of the trees closeby.


Are these Lodgepole Pines? Hmmmm?

3PM - Miss Deeredly came to call.
A small herd of deer were grazing. One came close, and stared at MsTioga for several minutes. Maybe "listened" would be more accurate. Deer are very common here, but we love the look of them.


Only about 20 feet from MsTioga's rear window, cute little Deeredly.


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Saturday, May 21, 2005

7AM - Sun peaking thru the trees.
We can see the sun this morning. Maybe we will be able to drive to Waldo Lake?

10AM - We headed up the mountain to Waldo Lake.
When the Sun came out, we decided to take a chance and try for Waldo Lake. Less than a mile up the road, we saw a 4WD truck ahead of us, turning back. Mr. Mavica and George went out to take a peek.


The road to Waldo Lake has a little snow on it.

Staying at last nite's Camp.
After looking at the snow up the road, we returned and have made a Camp at the same spot as last nite. We plan to hike around here, and have found some trails to follow.


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