Saturday, May 28, 2005

5:30AM - John Day Camp.
Summer has finally caught up with The TiogaRV Team! Last nite was the first time that our valiant Mr. Wave6 could rest, in sooooo long. No heat was necessary. It never got below 60 degrees inside MsTioga. Only one blanket was required, our crocheted top blanket wasn't necessary either.


John Day River in the early morning lite. Wow!

Wild yellow snap dragons!
We have never seen wild snap dragon flowers, until now!


Gorgeous! Yellow Snapdragons!

Mr. Mavica has started collecting trees!
Yesterday, Mr. Mavica had a brain storm! He decided to begin to collect trees. You cannot imagine how exciting it is, to capture a tree. Maybe now, we on The Team will be able to learn about all the lovely trees that we find along our journey!
Trees Along My Journey

12 Noon - Found our Camp for tonite, in the Umatilla National Forest.
We have made our Camp, along what is likely a dirt road used for logging. We on The Team, are sooooo thankful for well managed forests which allow for logging and other uses. Without this quality of management, we would not find many Camps in the forest.

MsTioga gets her oil changed today!
It is time for MsTioga to get new oil. As you may know, at the last oil change we switched to Wal*Mart's SuperTech Full Synthetic Oil and their SuperTech Oil Filter. So far, we are very satisfied with this change. We found that MsTioga gets about 6/10 per mile better mileage now. We last changed oil about 4,100 miles ago.

6PM - Nap Time.
The sounds of the birds and the breeze, brought on a two hour nap. Wow! The sky is clouded over now, and we can hear thunder to the southwest.


It is really wonderful to only hear nature at our Camp.

More yellow flowers!
That George is really crazy for things that grow!


Yellow flowers in Umatilla National Forest.

7PM - Thunder and Lightning getting closer.
During supper, lightning could be seen reflecting off the dark clouds. The strikes were getting closer. Eight seconds from the lightning to the thunder. Now 6 seconds. Then 4 seconds, 3 seconds. At 2 seconds, Mr. Datastorm's antenna came down. The thunder was soooooo loud, that it shook MsTioga really hard. Everybody on the The Team was scared when the thunder made MsTioga shake!

10:30PM - The storm is over, and some stars are out.
Outside, directly over our Camp, the Big Dipper can be seen. The stars are not bright and sparkly. But clear enough to tell us that the nite sky has very few clouds. The lightning and thunder has passed us by.

Nite Camp Location Link

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