Friday, May 20, 2005

6AM - We have an inside/outside thermometer!
Did we mention that we now have a thermometer that gives us both the inside and outside temperature? Hmmmm? the thermometer is mounted on the rear wall in the bedroom. This morning the outside temp was just below 32 degrees, and inside it is 63 degrees.


Now we know how warm it is both outside and inside!

The bulb that senses the outside temperature has connecting tubing which runs out MsTioga's rear wall, and is attached to the outside above the rear window. We have not figured out how to protect that tubing and bulb from the Sun's rays yet. Any ideas?

Heading for Waldo Lake!
Waldo Lake is about 45 miles north of our present Camp. We understand that Waldo Lake has gorgeous water. Do you want to go there and look around?

Maybe we will be able to make a Camp at Waldo Lake for more than just one Nite!

10:30AM - Salt Creek Falls!
We drove a few miles past the turnoff to Waldo Lake, in order to see the very lovely Salt Creek Falls. The forests here are absolutely gorgeous, filled with Western Hemlock and Silver Fir. The trees are soooooo big!


The lovely forest a few feet from Salt Creek Falls.

Salt Creek Falls is spectacular! Huge! Completely wonderful!!


George takes a look at the falls.


Salt Creek Falls, 2nd highest falls in Oregon.

12 Noon - Brunch at Salt Creek Falls.
We are going to eat here at the Falls, and then head up to Waldo Lake. If the Lake is as gorgeous as the Falls, wow, that will be sooooo fantastic!!

1PM – Climbing into the weather!
As MsTioga climbed the mountain road leading to Waldo Lake, we passed a sign, "Road not cleared for snow and ice." Sure enough, we came to place where there was a bunch of snow on the road!

The Team had a meeting, and decided to camp at this spot where the snow begins. We will see tomorrow, what the weather looks like. We would not want to get snow bound! As the famous outfitter and river guide, Tom Malcamp once said, "I don't trust Oregon weather."


View of the snowy road looking out MsTioga's window.

5PM - Snowing!!
It has been snowing for over an hour. Big fat wet flakes. The snow is not sticking to the ground. According to Mr. DeLorme, we are at the 5,955 foot level. Should we stay the Nite up here? If we stay, will we become snow bound? How does a Los Angeles, California born Team, know what to do?

11PM - Waldo Lake Nite Camp.
We stayed in the same Campsite that we were at earlier in the day. The snow has stopped, and according to radar, the weather is now about 100 miles south near Medford. Do you think that tomorrow will bring a warm day, and melt the snow on the road? That would be sooooo great!


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