Friday, May 27, 2005

7AM - John Day River Country
Somewhere northeast of our Camp, is the John Day River. Nobody on The Team remembers ever making a Camp along the John Day. We will be heading there this morning.

10AM - Breakfast Camped alongside a wheat field.
MsTioga bought gas in the Town of Mitchell, Oregon. While we were there, we met a brown bear named Henry. The owner of the gas station invited Mr. Mavica and George to go in and take a pic of Henry and maybe feed him an apple. Mr. Mavica thought that this was not a good idea, and George thought so too.

We stopped for breakfast north of the Town of Mitchell. It is very peaceful here, little traffic and lots of birdies.


Breakfast was different today. Tuna salad and veggies!

2PM - Camped along the John Day River.
The John Day River sort of reminds us of the Main Salmon River, because they both flow thru sparse vegetation valleys which have similar rock formations.


Camping at the John Day River .


Ridge above the River.

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