Friday, May 13, 2005

7AM - Mr. Levelers remounted.
The pic below of Mr. Levelers' controls probably looks a bit rough. Remounting the electronics is hard, because all of the wires are so short. Who would want to break all those connections, in order to give some slack to the wires? The Team feels that we can live for a bit with things the way they are.

We used the top of the old control box to make the front panel of the new mount. Do you like it? This new mount allows for visual inspection of all the connections and relatively easy maintenance. Do you remember how crammed in the electronics were in the old control box?


Mr. Levelers shows off his new control that is partially installed.

Taking a peek at Eagle Lake.
At our Team Meeting this morning, we were talking about Eagle Lake. Nobody could remember ever seeing Eagle Lake before. Mr. Mavica suggested that we make a Camp at Eagle Lake, if it is a beautiful place.

12 Noon - Pine Creek Camp.
Eagle Lake is a lovely lake. We found an established picnic site at the Lake, and filled our drinking water jugs and fresh water tank there. We continued on the road a bit, and came to a really nice looking stream called Pine Creek. Although we have only traveled 16 miles today, we decided to make our Camp along Pine Creek, and stay the nite.


A calm section of Pine Creek. Do you think that there are fish in this water?


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