Thursday, May 26, 2005

7AM - Ochoco National Forest Camp.
We had a Team meeting this morning, and decided to stay right here at our lovely Camp in the Ochoco Forest for another day. We will do a little cleaning and painting maintenance on MsTioga. We also have some trees to identify. We love trees! And don’t forget the Agate Beds. If these Agate Beds are not too far away, we will hike over there.

MsTioga Magazine Stories.
George is working on three new MsTioga Magazine stories. Do you want to know what they will be about? Hmmmmm? OK, then. One is about "Dumping RV Tanks." Yuck! Another story is about, "Getting your RV stuck in the mud." George knows a lot about getting stuck in the mud! And then there is a story about "A Camping Journal."

3PM - Time for resting.

Today we cleaned MsTioga a little. Painted some places that were rusty on her rear bumper. We researched one of the trees nearby, that appears to be some kind of Juniper with a pungent odor on its leaves. And, we worked on MsTioga Magazine. Now it is time for resting in our backyard.


Backyard boondocker.

Do you boondock in the forest? Ever get stuck in the mud?
The TiogaRV Team has been stuck in the mud, and other places, many times. Here is a story that shares our experience. Want to take a peek?
How to avoid getting your RV stuck!


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