Tuesday, May 17, 2005

7AM - Petroglyph Point - Lava Beds National Monument
A short distance from our Nite Camp, is a place called Petroglyph Point Trail. We are moving our Camp there, to take a peek.

9AM - The great white pelicans!
As we drove to see the petroglyphs, Mr. Mavica spotted the Great White Pelicans! Wow! We have only seen grey pelicans before.


Great white pelicans that are sooooo close.

Petroglyphs - Stories from long ago.
The drawings are so intriguing. What are they saying? Is there a message? These drawings are on a hill that once was an island in Lake Modoc. The people who made the drawings used canoes to come over to the cliff, in order to scratch in their message.


Do you see the message?

Guess where we are now?
Did you guess the State of Oregon? Yes, that's where we are! This is the third time that the Tioga RV Team has traveled into Oregon! We are going to make a Nite Camp in the Town of Klamath Falls.

Dump Stations
The Team gets emails often asking about how we find dump stations. We see signs for dump stations along the roads we travel. When we don't see signs, we ask in gas stations or grocery stores. Somebody always knows. We also use the “RV Dumpstations” database.

This afternoon, when we were driving thru Tulelake, California, we spotted one of these signs along Hwy 139. We turned in the location of this free dump station to the very handy RV Dumpstations.

I know that I rave all the time about Eternabond!
But it is such great stuff. I use Eternabond not only to stop MsTioga's roof from leaking, but for other stuff too. The Datastorm and TV cables that run along MsTioga's roof are held in place by strips of Eternabond.

Just this afternoon, I installed an Inside/Outside thermometer. The little bulb from the thermometer has to be placed outside. I held the bulb down with a small piece of Eternabond.


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