Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ever think about just staying put at a place?
MsTioga received an email this morning from a reader named Elton who asked, "Ever think about just staying put at a place?" Elton was thinking about a lovely place like here where we are camped, at Pine Creek.

Well Elton, we do think about that. As a matter of fact, The Team has been thinking about spending maybe several months in one place. Not here at Pine Creek. We are thinking about the winter months, in the Town of Santa Rosalia in Mexico. Of course we can never know for sure. Vagabonding is in our blood. But Santa Rosalia is also in our blood. We think about that little town a lot.

We want to tell you about Twee.
Remember Twee? That small Bonsai tree that has been struggling to live? We are pleased to tell you that Twee looks like he will make a complete recovery. New green is blooming on his branches. Twee has been going outside, to breathe the fresh air and especially be in the Sun. Twee loves the Sun, because he is really an outside tree.


Twee shows off his new green leaves.

12 Noon - I did it again! I cannot believe it!
Remember when I got stuck on the beach at Rancho Los Cerritos in Mexico? Well, I did it again!! And I am not only stuck, but I broke Mr. Levelers left rear jack again. I am a bit disgusted with myself today, as you may imagine.

On the bright side, I am leveled out. I have food. Mr. Datastorm is working fine, and connected. Now I have to find somebody to rescue me.


George got MsTioga stuck again and broke one of Mr. Levelers jacks!

The closest town is Adin, California, and I need help.
My cell phone is not connected here. Can somebody email me and help me? I need a tow truck to come out from Adin, and pull me out. I am not too badly stuck, but I do need help.

2:30PM - Paul from Florida phoned for a tow truck!
This is incredible. A reader of the MsTioga blog, contacted me by email, and then phoned Tucker’s Lookout Garage to tow us out. The tow truck will be here in 45 minutes! Wow! A satellite rescue!

Thank you soooooo much, Paul from Florida!

5PM - MsTioga and The Team are free from the mud!
Exactly forty-five minutes after Paul from Florida emailed that the tow truck was on its way, it arrived. I was sooooo happy to see a BIG tow truck. Bob Tucker, owner of the Lookout Garage was driving, and came with his daughter Abby. We had to remove the damaged leveling jack, and then Bob pulled MsTioga out of the mud. Bob's tow truck is very strong, and had no problem at all.


George, Abby and Bob after the towing.

Mr. Levelers' jack not too badly damaged.
Two brackets are slightly bent, and the brass drive nut must be replaced. So we were very lucky, with jack damage.

A BIG thank you to Paul from Florida!
Wow, Paul. Your help was soooo great. The Team is so grateful to you for phoning Tucker's Garage and arranging for our towing. Imagine that, everybody! We were rescued by using space station internet communication. Man-O-Man!

George stands between the muddy ruts
made when MsTioga was towed to safety!

Map Link showing our stuck place.
We are placing this map anchor, to remember where we got stuck in the mud.

5:30PM - Camped safely a few miles north of the stuck place.
The Team drove a bit north, and are camped safely. George learned a few more things today, about choosing a Camp, and is talking about writing a web page about getting stuck in the mud with an RV.


Google Map Link

Google Earth Link

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