Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Heading for Ochoco National Forest.
We are going to drive toward Prineville this morning, heading to the Ochoco National Forest. We have never been thru this forest, and want to explore.

10AM - Breakfast Camped at Peter Ogden Park.
When we stopped here at Ogden Park, we found that we'd gone past the turn off to Prineville. Can you imagine that? Wow! We will have to double back a bit after breakfast. Whenever a mistake is made like that, I always think to myself, "Maybe I wasn't supposed to go that way?!" Do you do that too?

While in the Town of Redmond, we went grocery shopping and also bought new mounting screws to bolt Mr. Levelers to MsTioga's chassis.

2PM - Passing thru Prineville.
We were tempted to stop at the Dairy Queen in Prineville, and buy a sundae. Instead, we went to the Sentry Grocery and bought a 1/2 gallon "Death By Chocolate" ice cream. Really! That's what its called!

3PM - Camped in the Ochoco National Forest.
And it is soooooo gorgeous. All around our Camp are cedar, fir and Ponderosa pine trees. We are at the 4.397 foot level. Being high is the only way to stay in cool weather, right? There are signs reading, "Public Agate Beds." We will have to check these out.


MsTioga and The Team in the Ochoco National Forest for the first time!

5:45PM - Mr. Levelers has a word for all of his fans!
Hi everybody. This is Mr. Levelers typing at you. I want you to know, that all four of my jacks are working now. George put my repaired jack back onto MsTioga. All of my indicator lites are working too.

Did you know that this is the second time that George messed up my jacks trying to get MsTioga unstuck. I made George promise, that he will never, never, never, ever, try to use one of my jacks to try to get MsTioga unstuck again. I have forgiven George for this terrible error of judgment. I believe that George has finally learned his lesson.

Sounds of nature.
Last nite at bed time, the sounds of traffic in Redmond, Oregon were really loud. It was hard to sleep. Today in the Ochoco Forest, the sounds that are heard are wind thru the trees. Wow! What a neat and wonderful sound. Everything is sooooo peaceful. What a gift!


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