Sunday, May 15, 2005

Heading thru the Town of Adin.
The Team hopes to make a Nite Camp near a creek later today. We have been missing hearing the sound water!

Learning to identify trees in the forest.
Awhile back, we bought a book about trees, "Familiar Trees of North America-Western Region." Trying to identify conifers [pines, firs, spruces] is really hard. The trees in the pics below have needles in bunches of threes. Are these Jeffrey Pines? The left pic is a long view of these trees. The center is a closeup of the needles, and the 3rd pic shows the bark.


2PM - A beautiful rainy day at Lookout Camp.
A steady rain is falling. All the plants in the forest must be loving this year, because it is a wet one! We call this place, Lookout Camp because the Town of Lookout is a bit south. We will make a Nite Camp here.

Mr. Onan will be working.
Because of the rain and clouds for the next several days, Mr. Sunny will not be able to provide very much power. This means that the hard working Mr. Onan, our valiant electric generator, will be on the job.

7PM - The creek along our Camp.
We did make our Camp alongside a creek. It is a quiet stream, and we have to be close to hear its lovely sound.


Our Camp in the early evening.


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