Monday, May 16, 2005

Lava Beds National Monument.
This morning The Team will travel north to visit Lava Beds National Monument, about forty miles from our Camp. Who knows what Adventure we will find there?

From researching in Google, we learned that Lava Beds is pock-marked with cinder cones and flooded with ancient lava flows. There are over 300 lava tubes (caves) that were formed when various volcanos and cinder cones were active. George and Mr. Mavica are not sure if they will go into lava caves to explore!

6AM - Raining, raining and more rain!
Last nite, rain came down almost all nite long. Rain is still falling now. This morning the little creek that runs a few feet from where MsTioga is camped is brimming with water. The forest is soooo fresh. What a wonderful place to be!

12 Noon - We are in Lava Beds!
Just after we entered Lava Beds National Monument, we came to a sign reading, "Valentine Cave." So, we turned off and have made a late Breakfast Camp here.

This cave is only a few feet from the parking area. Mr. Mavica did not want to go, but George took a peek at the cave. Very dark! After breakfast, we shall take another peek, but will carry a couple of flashlights.

1PM - Repairing roof leak.
After breakfast, it was necessary to go on the roof and put on some Eternabond Tape. Last nite in all of the rain, we found a very tiny leak coming from the luggage carrier post. We had never sealed that post before. If you have not used Eternabond, you should try it!

Who is afraid to go into dark caves?
Mr. Mavica refused to go into the cave. So, George went down there. But the flashlite would barely lite up the cave. So George came back, after only going a few feet into the cave. Hmmmmm?

3PM - Going into Mushpot Cave!!
The ranger told us about a cave that was not too dark. The cave's name is Mushpot, after a place where lava boiled thousands of years ago.



George and Mr. Mavica descend into the Mushpot Cave.

Mushpot was not anything to be afraid about. There were lines of red lights showing the way. The ceiling in places was very low, leading George to think that this cave should be called, "Mush Head."

4:30PM - Nite Camped along the shore of Tule Lake.
There are giant white pelicans here. Mr. Mavica wants to take a pic, but the pelicans are way out in the water.


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