Monday, May 30, 2005

The Mighty Columbia River!
Looks as though today The Team may see the waters of the Great Columbia!

8:30AM - Arlington, Oregon.
We have made a Breakfast Camp in the Town of Arlington, Oregon. We are tucked in close to a building for protection from the wind which seems quite strong today. After breakfast, MsTioga has asked that some cleaning be done to her exterior. Good idea!

11AM - MsTioga wants to show off.
When the rains come, MsTioga gets really muddy from our boondocking in the forest. Cleaning is almost impossible for MsTioga, because the mud comes right back! Now that the rains have stopped, our cleaning has started. Everybody on The Team is soooo happy for MsTioga, who wants you to look especially at her black shiny tires. We put some dressing on her tires!


Hi Everybody! Look at my shiny tires!

3:30PM - Goldendale, Washington!
The Team has crossed the border into the State of Washington, and has made a Day Camp in the Town of Goldendale. Our Camp is along a nice park across from the Klickitat County Courthouse. Because of the Memorial Day holiday, it is pretty quiet here.


MsTioga looks pretty cool in Goldendale's park.

We found another tree in the park. Captured it too!
We are calling this tree, a Silver Fir. Take a peek at our Trees Page. If you see any corrections that should be made on our Trees Page, please email, OK?

6PM - We moved to our Nite Camp in Goldendale.
The Team followed its instincts, and moved our location to our Nite Camp. We are near the Goldendale Airport. This is a nice place, with a view of perhaps 50 miles to the north. We see the giant volcano, Mount Rainier, rising above the clouds.

Nite Camp Location Link

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