Wednesday, June 01, 2005

5:30AM - The Sky is bright so early!
Have you noticed that daylight comes around 5:30am now? Boy-O-Boy is that great. Even at 4:30am, it is light enough to see outside. Mr. Trek and George are going for a ride around the neighborhood in a few minutes, to see what's up.

Mr. Chips has posted our new budget info.
Do you read "TiogaRV Team Budget Information" that is updated at the beginning of each month? You can find it by going to:
Ms. Tioga's Behind the Scenes

8:30AM - Mr. Trek had a flat!
On the Datastorm User's Map, we noticed that another Datastormer was camped about a mile away. So, Mr. Trek and George went over to say hi. Only thing is, that when we started to drive back, one of those nasty thorns had given Mr. Trek a flat. We will have to get some of that green Slime stuff to fix the leak.

11AM - Going to find a bike shop for Mr. Trek.
After we fix Mr. Trek, we are going to a place called "Six Chuter" where they sell flying parachute machines.

Six Chuter!
Six Chuter is an airplane manufacturer, whose wing is a parachute. You can buy one of these Six Chuters for about $10K. Would you like to take a peek at their website?

Six Chuter Airplanes


George would LOVE to fly one of these airplanes!

The Team is very spoiled.
We are spoiled by living in such peaceful gorgeous places! Here in Yakima, everywhere we go there is traffic noise. It is not really bad. However, it is not quiet either. It sure is easy to get used to living in the forest.

8PM - Moved to the parking lot of Aubrey's RV Center in Yakima.
Aubrey's service center is a pretty quiet place. We love quiet! Very important, especially for sleeping peacefully, don't you agree?

Nite Camp Site

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