Monday, June 27, 2005

6AM - Good morning from Vancouver!
As you know, we do not overstay our Nite Camp in cities and towns. So, we broke Camp and moved a little west. Commuter traffic is a bit heavy even this early, and we drove on side streets in order not to slow folks going to work. Vancouver's tall downtown buildings are on the skyline ahead.

We made a Breakfast Camp in a commercial neighborhood. It is really great to observe this great town waking up, from behind MsTioga's windows.

11AM - Downtown Vancouver.
There is such light traffic here in downtown Vancouver. We on The Team are very surprised to find it so easy to drive in this light traffic. Of course we are comparing Vancouver to Los Angeles, and there is no comparison.

It is very difficult to park in downtown Vancouver. In the pic below, MsTioga is stopped in a bus zone, in order for Mr. Mavica to take a shot of us looking at the tall buildings. VancouverDowntown06-27-2005Copy

Tall buildings in downtown Vancouver.

12 Noon - Chinatown.
As we drove around Vancouver, we entered Chinatown which looked sooooo interesting. We searched for a place to park, and found that permits were required almost everywhere. We looked many blocks from Chinatown for a place to park, and finally found one on a residential street.

The stores of Chinatown are filled with shops displaying all sorts of foods. It was not possible to know what many of these foods are, as they were labeled in Chinese.



Shops filled with everything from fresh fish to dried mushrooms.

Kent's Kitchen.
We had intended on only buying an almond cookie. At a Chinatown restaurant named Kent's Kitchen, the foods looked soooooo delicious. Kent's was filled with customers crowded along their serving line. For only $4.50C, customers were served huge amounts of tasty looking food. We are soooo weak, how could we resist ordering fried rice topped with sweet and sour pork and broccoli beef? Man-O-Man! Mr. Mavica took a pic of our dish. We would have loved for you to see it, but the pic came out blurry.

4PM - Cypress Mountain.
A suggestion from a reader friend named Cassie, sent us to West Vancouver and up Cypress Mountain. The view from this mountain is spectacular, we are told. However today the mountain is covered in clouds. We have made a Day Camp on the mountain at the 2,850 foot elevation.

Reflections on being in Canada.
While here at the top of Cypress Mountain, I got to thinking about how lucky I am to be traveling in Canada. As you know, I almost did not get here.

If North Vancouver resident Bill Maurer had not contacted Member of the Canadian Parliament, Don Bell, in fact I would not be here. MP Don Bell phoned me several times. He then contacted the Deputy Prime Minister's office (the equivalent of the Vice President in the USA) to try to aid in my entry to Canada. Mr. Bell suggested that the Border Control staff should phone my son David, in order to confirm my "fixed" residential address. And, in fact those efforts resulted in the Border people phoning David and that is what got me past the border.

I feel very lucky that Mr. Bell took the time to phone me. One time he even phoned me from the airport while he was rushing to make a flight. Can you imagine all of this effort to help me, and I am not even a citizen of Canada. Wow! Thank you sooooo much MP Don Bell.

7PM - Capilano Suspension Bridge.
Sure would have liked to show you the Capilano Bridge. However the $18.50 entrance fee for seniors seemed just a bit pricey. We had already paid $3 to park MsTioga, so we are going to eat dinner here in the parking lot and then look for a Nite Camp.

9:30PM - Found a section of Vancouver with loads of dry camp sites.
MsTioga is Nite Camped in this section now. This place looks pretty safe, and should be quiet later on tonite when the traffic dies down.


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