Thursday, June 30, 2005

6AM - Rainy Day Session.
Did you have "Rainy Day Session" when you were in primary school? We were sent home early on rainy days. Loved that! We on The Team still love rainy days. We love the sound of the rain and what rain does to growing things. We try to limit our driving on rainy days, because the chance for an accident is greater in the rain.

We checked the weather map online this morning. Cloudy with showers for the next few days. I wonder how that will affect Canada Day? That is the celebration of Canada's birthday in 1868.

Who will win the Tour de France?
The most exciting sports event that I have even seen was the Tour de France in 2003. In that race, Lance Armstrong crashed while attacking on the climb to the finish when a spectator's bag caught his brake lever. But Armstrong got back on his bike, and incredibly fought his way back to the front to win that stage. The Tour de France will begin on Saturday, July 2nd. I will be watching to see if Lance can make it seven in a row!! Wow!

12 Noon - The Village of Whistler.
We do not know what the Village of Whistler is about for sure yet. We suspect that this is a resort village. Narrow streets wind thru this little place. People walking around in short pants, look like tourists. Mr. Trek, Mr. Mavica and George are going for a look-see. MsTioga and The Team are in what appears to be an overflow parking lot.

If you love to eat out, and choose from a zillion restaurants. If you and the kids love to ride your bike down a steep mountain. The the Village of Whistler is the place for you.



A zillion restaurants and things to do.

Ride the gondola to see the top of the mountain. Take your bike up the mountain, and ride back down!!



For as much fun as these bikers are having, the crowds are not big.

5PM - Nite Camped on a logging road.
We left Whistler, and drove north looking for our Nite Camp. MsTioga spotted a dirt road going into the forest off Hwy #99. We inspected the road on foot, and found it to be OK for us. It is a logging road. Our compass showed a good chance for Mr. Datastorm to be able to find his space station in the sky. We drove in, leveled out, and sure enough, Mr. Datastorm found his space station and we are now connected to the internet.


Mr. Datastorm looking thru the trees and over the high mountain.


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