Friday, June 24, 2005

6AM - What if the House of Commons member says that he will help?
In yesterday's post, you read that reader Bill contact Don Bell, a member of Canada's House of Commons and told Bell about the incident at the Canadian border. I am going to phone Don Bell later this morning, when I get to a place where my cell phone service works. What if Don Bell wants to help me with getting across the border? Hmmmm?

8AM - In the Town of Sumas, Washington.
I've returned to Sumas. I am only about 1/2 mile from the Canadian Border Station that refused me entrance to Canada on Wednesday. While reading a post on RV.NET that was started because of my difficulties at the Canadian Border, I read a reply that was addressed to me. This reply stated:

"George, You have just explained why you were turned back at the border. You told them that you fulltimed in your RV. Canadians are refused entry into the US on a regular basis if they admit to living fulltime in the RV. I have met several Canadians who were not aware of this and proudly made the comment that this was their home only to be refused entry into the US for the same reason Canadian Customs gave you."

12 Noon - I am inside Canada!!!
It took almost four hours talking, giving papers, more paper and even more papers. Finally, the border people phoned my son David in California to confirm my home address. The border people gave me until August 1st, to visit Canada. Wow! Double Wow with sugar on it!!


George on the Canadian side. The border station is in the background!

To all the readers who I emailed that I would never, never, never go to Canada!
What can I say to you?? I changed my mind! Wow! I am going to get a reputation for being wishy-washy.

2PM - Day Camped in the Town of Chilliwack.
MsTioga is in a gravel parking lot of a business that is closed for the day, on the east side of the Town of Chilliwack. There are three other RVs parked here. The owner of the property gave The Team permission to stay the nite.

The first town that we came to in Canada, was Abbotsford, a good sized place. We shopped at the WalMart, got Canadian currency from an ATM in a bank, and then drove here to Chilliwack.

6PM - Ted comes to say hi.
We are always very surprised, when one of our readers drives up and knocks on MsTioga to say hi. Today Ted came to call. We had a really nice chat. Ted brought a lovely map of British Columbia as a gift. Wow! Thank you sooooo much Ted, for making The Team feel so welcome!


Mr. Mavica takes a pic of Ted, George and MsTioga.


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