Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Checking our daily progress on the map.
Every evening after supper, the paper map is unfolded on the table, and our location is found. It may seem odd to get excited about our location, but we on The Team do get excited about that. Although we only travel small distances everyday, those distances add up. We are now almost half way up to the most northerly point that we will travel on Hwy #99, which is the Town of Lillooet.

8AM - Heading out of the Town of Squamish.
This morning we want to locate that hard to find dump station here in Squamish. Then we will poke around here for a bit and explore. We wonder how close we can get to the beautiful and tall, Shannon Falls? After awhile, we will head north again.


Squamish Camp near the estuary.

Finding dump stations in British Columbia.
Have you wondered about finding dump stations when you RV to Canada? We have seen more dump station signs along highways here in Canada, than we have anywhere along our journey. If you are interested in dry camping or boondocking, both finding water or dump stations is no problem.


Dump station in Alice Park near Squamish.

Bought additional recovery gear.
While in the Town of Squamish, we found a store that sold recovery gear. We have been shopping for things like nylon slings, anchor hooks, etc. The idea is to accumulate the necessary equipment so that we are able to rescue ourselves the next time MsTioga gets stuck. This company also had a nice come-a-long, but it seemed to us that it was a bit too small.


Recovery gear for pulling MsTioga out of the mud.

4PM - Nite Camped at a view point above the Town of Squamish.
This is a very scenic place that looks down the valley at Squamish. Mr. Mavica has tried his very best to capture the beauty of this view. You will have to use your imagination to see what is to be seen


In the distance is the Town of Squamish and the lovely Shannon Falls.


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