Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Exploring Icicle Creek Road
Early this morning The Team will drive up from our Nite Camp site, and explore Icicle Creek Road. Although we do not fish, it would certainly be exciting to be able to see salmon climbing the Icicle! So far, we have not seen even one fish! Hmmmm??

11AM - In the Town of Leavenworth.
We explored Icicle Road above last Nite's Camp. We found a bunch of "No Overnite Camping" signs up this road. And this is inside the Wenatchee National Forest. Can you imagine that? Hmmmm?

After breakfast, Mr. Trek, Mr. Mavica and George will search for adventure inside this Bavarian style town of Leavenworth.

2PM - Leavenworth is a town for shopping!
If you love to shop, and love to eat. Leavenworth is for you. Surrounded by Alpine looking mountains, the Bavarian style of Leavenworth comes thru. As we strolled thru downtown, the sound of pleasant music wafted thru the air.

LeavenworthWillkommen06-07-2005Copy LeavenworthMnts06-07-2005Copy

Welcome to friendly Leavenworth.


The buildings, the signs and the names of the stores all have the same flavor.

5PM - Exploring Derby Canyon.
Mr. DeLorme suggested that we make a Nite Camp along Derby Canyon road in the Wenatchee National Forest. So, we came up to explore. MsTioga's engine got pretty hot coming up here. But we made it. Mr. Mavica wants to go out and take a few pics to show you this place.

A look at Derby Canyon.
Mr. Mavica said that he wishes that he could better show you Derby Canyon, and that is more lovely than his pic.


Derby Canyon looking north from our Camp.

Wild Pink Roses.
Look at these wonderful wild pink roses that are growing up here at an altitude of 3,506 feet. Wow! We love that.


Don't you love flowers in the forest? Hmmmm?


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