Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Heading out of the City of Vancouver.
This morning The Team will say hi to Bill Maurer, our friend who got us into Canada by asking Member of Parliament Don Bell to help us. Remember that The Team was first refused entry into Canada at a border crossing north of Bellingham, WA. Because of the help of MP Don Bell, we are in Canada.

After meeting with Bill, we will head north out of Vancouver on Highway #99 to search for Adventure!

10AM - Arrived at Bill Maurer's home.
This was a wonderful visit. Bill and his brother-in-law Glen were waiting in their driveway, for The Team to arrive. We met Bill's children, Andrew and Annie. Then the five of us went inside MsTioga and spent a couple of hours talking about everything. Wow! What a great time.


George, Glen, Bill, Andrew and Annie.

1:30PM - Lunch Camped along Highway #99.
Hwy #99 goes north staying very close to the water. We found no comfortable places to make a Lunch Camp until we came to a place called Furry Creek. We stopped at Furry Creek, Mr. Datastorm went up and George made some tortilla beef and cheese wraps for lunch.

5PM - The Town of Squamish.
MsTioga and The Team have made our Nite Camp in the Town of Squamish. When we arrived here, we found two full size super markets. These markets are a surprise to us, for a town that seems sort of remote. There was a dumpstation sign on Hwy #99. We did not find the dumpstation, but we did find a nice Nite Camp near the estuary. There are a bunch of waveski and windsurfers riding in the estuary.

Squamish is in a wide valley with high mountains on either side. On one side, there is a beautiful granite wall. If this valley were as narrow as Yosemite Valley, Squamish would somewhat resemble Yosemite. There is even a very tall and lovely cascading waterfall called Shannon Falls. Mr. Mavica tried his best to show you this waterfall, but it is very far away.


The granite wall of Squamish which reminds us of Yosemite.


Shannon Falls.

Several readers have emailed asking about how baby Twee is doing. We are very happy to tell you that Twee is really doing great. Twee goes outside almost everyday to soak up the Sun. He has been sprouting new needle like leaves everyday. Twee wants you to know that he expects to be fully green again in only a few months. When Twee is completely recovered, Mr. Mavica will take a pic of Twee for you to see, OK?


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