Sunday, June 26, 2005

MsTioga may be very popular in Canada.
Yesterday MsTioga received emails from readers who want to meet her. Isn't that the greatest thing? Hmmmm? Cathy wants to come over to where The Team is Camped this morning and say hi.

Do you remember Bill who phoned Member of the Canadian Parliament Don Bell for us, in order to help with our border problem? Well, Bill lives nearby, and wants to meet The Team too. MsTioga and The Team love to meet our fellow RVers.

8:30AM - Cathy comes to call.
When Cathy came by to show me where she lived, it was a surprise to recognize that Cathy is Joan Anderson's mother. We met Cathy at Joan's house just yesterday. I followed Cathy home, was introduced to her husband Jack, and we all had a fine egg and bacon breakfast. Just fantastic!

11AM - Fixing MsTioga's mud flap.
Something is always breaking, falling off, or falling apart on MsTioga. We on The Team, enjoy fixing things, so repairs are fine. This morning while sweeping out MsTioga, we found that one of the mud flaps was falling off. While at Cathy and Jack's home this morning, they gave us some screws to re-attach the mud flap.

The light fixture over MsTioga's sink had its switch short out this morning. We replaced this light fixture which we use several times each day, with another less used fixture.


MsTioga's falling off mud flap.

4PM - Doing more repairs and maintenance.
The Team traveled along Hwy #7, and came upon Fred's RV. Fred was the only fellow working this Sunday. Can you imagine that?! We bought a replacement light fixture for the one we borrowed earlier.

Several miles down the road from Fred's, a Home Depot popped up. We bought some wire nuts for the light fixture, and some heavy bolts to better fasten the mud flap. Everything is fixed up now. Wow! Just as we got to having fun doing maintenance, there is nothing more to do! Hmmmm?!

7PM - Nite Camped in City of Vancouver.
We have to tell you that it is soooooo exciting exploring here in Canada. Things are different, and that is what makes it so exciting. For example, the traffic lights have a blinking green, and a steady green. Neither MsTioga or George have any idea what the difference is, but our lack of knowledge about traffic lights is one of the things that makes it exciting. There are tons of restaurants here in this area. A zillion sushi joints. We do not eat out much, only a few times each month. But all of those sushi joints are making us think hard about eating out.

We have made a Nite Camp in what appears to be a city parking lot. We might receive a knock on MsTioga's door tonite. But we are not concerned very much, and will take that chance.


George sporting his nifty Anderson Sod Farm hat at our parking lot Nite Camp site.


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