Thursday, June 23, 2005

A new day.
Yesterday was a terrible experience for me. I could have easily lost MsTioga, had her taken from me. Now, I am concerned about crossing any border. It is sooooo risky. Should I let my concerns rule the direction of my life? Should I not cross the border into Mexico anymore?

I can answer that question right now. I will cross the border into Mexico. I will live my life thinking positive, because it is more fun that way!!

8AM - Mount Baker.
This morning, the Mighty MsTioga will take The Team close to Mount Baker. Mr. Mavica is excited to take pics of this huge mountain.

10AM - The end of Mt. Baker Highway.
We are Day Camped near the end of the road, at the 4,433 foot elevation. Glaciers are all around us. Heather Meadows visitor center is a few feet away. It is quiet, few people are here. The sound of melting glaciers comes up from the streams below.


George looks at the glaciers.

12 Noon - A view of the mountain.
Isn't this a beautiful place?


We believe that this is a pic of Mount Shuksan.

3PM - Nite Camped at the entrance to Heather Meadows.
There is a pretty large paved area at this place, and part of it is level. We have made a Nite Camp here. In the morning, The Team will go down the mountain early, before the road work begins.

6PM - Changed Mr. Onan's engine oil.
Every 150 engine hours, our Onan generator's engine oil must be changed. This time we converted to synthetic oil, and we put in a larger oil filter. The specified oil filter was so short, that it barely extended from the engine cowling. The new longer filter, is easy to grab with a wrench.

Member of Canada's House of Commons phones.
A reader named Bill contacted Don Bell, a member of the House of Commons to inform him about me being turned back at the Canadian border. Bill's email stated that Don Bell phoned me, and left a message. I have been out of cell phone service, up here in the Mount Baker area.

Tomorrow morning I will phone House of Commons Member Don Bell, and let you know what comes of that contact.


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