Saturday, June 25, 2005

Visiting reader friend Joan this morning!
Today really is going to be exciting. Reader friend Joan who lives nearby in the town of Dewdney, has invited The Team to visit today! Wow! Joan and her family operate the Anderson Sod Farm. We love growing things, and love grass. This is soooooo great.

Would you like to take a peek at Joan's family website? Hmmmmm?

10AM - The Team visits the Anderson family.
We are sooooo lucky to have such good friends, like Joan and Mike Anderson. Their family made us feel very welcome.


George with the Anderson family in front of their new RV.

Anderson Sod Farm.
Brothers Mike, Steve and Jerry Anderson own and operate their 30 year old farm. Mike gave me a tour of the farm telling about the different grades of sod, how the land is prepared, the seeds planted, watering requirements, mowing and harvesting.


Mike and George in a sod field, recently harvested.


George with the largest lawn mower in the world, built by Anderson Farms.

5PM - Day Camped in the Town of Mission.
We went west after leaving Dewdney. Isn't Dewdney a cute name? We do not know why we went west instead of east. It just looked like the right way on the map. MsTioga is parked on a side road, just off of Highway #7. The mighty Fraser flows just to the south of our Camp.

7PM - Nite Camped along Highway #7.
The Team has made our Nite Camp in an industrial area. We believe that as nite falls, the traffic will diminish and this place will be quiet for undisturbed sleep. Well, there are Canadian Railway tracks a few feet away. But you can't expect everything perfect in every Camp, can you? Hmmmm?

In a few weeks, this place will be berry heaven. There are tons of ripening berry bushes alongside MsTioga.


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