Thursday, July 28, 2005

6AM - Kalispell, Montana.
Our Nite Camp in the City of Kalispell may not be a gorgeous boondock. It is a quiet Camp however, which is very important.


Our Camp in Kalispell, Montana before dawn.

Tons of chores in Kalispell.
We have sooooo many things to do before we head west out of Kalispell. Everything from buying electronic contact cleaner at a Radio Shack for Mr. Datastorm's and Mr. Chips' connectors, to buying Folex shampoo for MsTioga's carpets. The Wal*Mart is just a short distance away, so we must go there!

1PM - Camped in the wilds of the Kootenai National Forest.
After we passed the large McGregor Lake, we took a gravel forest service road south into the Kootenai National Forest. This is a very good improved gravel road. A few miles up the mountain, this road was gated but an ungated dirt road appeared, and we took it.

It quickly became obvious that this smaller road was rarely traveled, and not maintained as well. Grass and plants grew in the center space between the two tracks. But since we are here to explore, we drove on this road exploring. We are now in the center of the forest. This place is pretty wild, and perhaps we will see that Grizzly Bear that we have been longing to see.


Are you able to see the dirt road? Hmmmmm?

7:30PM - Evening at our Kootenai Forest Camp.
Nobody came by our Camp all day, and nobody is expected way out here on this rarely used forest road. However, two young deer came within a couple hundred feet a little while ago. They were foraging around doing their deeredly things.

If the nite sky stays as clear as now, there might be a great view of our Milky Way Galaxy tonite. The Moon does not rise until almost 11PM! Love that!


Evening time at our Camp.


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