Monday, July 25, 2005

7AM - Heading west to Moose Lake.
According to our maps, Moose Lake is about 13 miles west of our Camp. We are heading up to Moose Lake. If it's nice, we may make a Camp there for several days.

8:30AM - Arrived at Moose Lake!
We have made our Camp at the road's end. There is no way for MsTioga to go down to the Lake, because there is no road to the water. From the computer desk window, a small bit of the Lake is in view thru the forest's trees. A few feet away from MsTioga, a gravel path leads down to Moose Lake. The huge fire that burned the forest all the way east to North Fork Flathead River, did not get this far west. Tons of green fir trees are everywhere.


As Mr. Mavica was taking my pic, a fish jumped out from the lake!

6PM - Taking a hike up Moose Peak Trail.
If I would have known how far it was to Moose Peak, and how much a rise in elevation, I would never have made it to the top. But I did not know until I returned to MsTioga. Several times when I saw the trail continue to rise, all I could say was, "Oh God!"

8:15PM - Back from Moose Peak Trail!
Looked up the info about Moose Peak Trail on the net. I guess that I am in better condition than I thought! Man-O-Man!!
Moose Peak Trail #250 Information.
Difficulty: Medium.
Elevation rise: 1,876 feet.
Distance one way: 3 miles.

Just before I reached Moose Peak, the trail became completely closed in a field of flowers! Sort of a, "Welcome to Moose Peak."


Flowers fill the trail's end.


View of Moose Lake from Moose Peak.

How do you heat your RV?
We are camped at 5,650 feet altitude and it is 33°F outside. But inside because of our Olympian Wave6 Catalytic heater, it is a toasty 66°F. Quiet heat using no electric power!
Catalytic heater - best way to heat your RV!


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