Sunday, July 31, 2005

7AM - Libby Dam.
Pulled out of Blackstone Flats campground and are now at the top of the Libby Dam. We have made a Day Camp at the visitor's center which opens at 9:30am. We will tour the dam and powerhouse with a ranger! Wow!

11AM - Just finished the Libby Dam tour.
In our travels we have wanted to tour several dams, but tours had been stopped after the 09-11-2001 attack. The Libby Dam tour is terrific. The tour goes over and down into the dam, thru the powerhouse and even a look at a turning generator. Really great!


Downstream view of Libby Dam.

2PM - Camped along the east shore of Lake Koocanusa.
Koocanusa is the name of the lake that forms behind Libby Dam. This is a huge lake, maybe 80 miles long extending across the international border into the Province of British Columbia in Canada.

Following a dirt road leading toward the lake, we found our Camp overlooking the water.


A cool breeze comes off Lake Koocanusa at our Camp.

9PM - Vagabonder evenings are soooooo gorgeous.
It's almost like magic how we find these gorgeous places to make Camp. Almost every day, a gorgeous place pops up for us. How do we explain it?!


We are sooooooooo lucky!

Do you wish that you had a Datastorm Spacestation Uplink System?
Many readers emailed that they cannot afford the $5,295 installation and $99/month subscription. We on the TiogaRV Team afforded it, and are soooooo glad that we did!!
DataStorm Space Station Uplink System!


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