Tuesday, July 26, 2005

7AM - Moose Lake Morning Mist.


Some places in the forest make me feel sooooo good inside!
I don't what makes a place special. While driving on the road yesterday morning toward Moose Lake, the road turned special. Maybe it was the flowers along the road? Or maybe it was the early morning light, or the green trees? I don't know.

Moose Lake is special. This morning Mr. Mavica, TriPod and I went down to the campground below MsTioga. There are only three campsites at Moose Lake and they are free. No campers are here this morning.


One of Moose Lake's campsites.

Moose Lake's campsites are close to the water. If you come here to fish, bring some kind of boat because the lake bottom is very shallow near the shore. You will sink right up to your waist in the silty lake bottom if you try to wade out to fish.


Mid-morning at Moose Lake.


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