Saturday, July 23, 2005

Big Creek Campground.
The Team has decided to stay at Big Creek Campground for a couple of days. We will head out of here tomorrow, going downstream following the North Fork Flathead River. The price to stay in Big Creek Campground is only $5/nite. Pretty good, huh?

So far, we have not found any boondock camp sites in this area. No small roads off the main gravel road to explore. It is very slow going. We have to travel only about 5 miles per hour while looking for a camp, because of the washboarding. We are hoping to find some place to boondock after we leave Big Creek Campground, otherwise we will have to make a Camp alongside the gravel road.


Our Camp in Big Creek Campground.


Young bucks came to say hi.

Answering emails.
Unless the sun comes out, answering emails while at Big Creek will be postponed. We do not have enough power to stay online for long. Mr. Sunny can hardly get any power thru the clouds. Big Creek Campground is very quiet, and we do not want to run Mr. Onan because he is too loud. We apologize because our unanswered email is so huge. But we will answer every single one!

6PM - Moved our Camp!!
Took a walk up the road over the Big Creek bridge. A short walk past the bridge, there's a dirt road leading about 100 yards over the ridge looking down on the North Fork Flathead River. Wow! This place is a much better Camp than the one in the campground.


Our new Camp over the North Fork Flathead River.


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