Sunday, July 24, 2005

Big Creek Road.
Headed west up Big Creek Road. The sign at the road's entrance read "Moose Lake 17 miles." A short distance up this road, Big Creek could be seen down the canyon, and the Creek seems more attractive than Moose Lake. Soon we came to a road leading down the canyon toward Big Creek, and we took it. These dirt roads are suprisingly good, compared to the washboarded gravel main road.

9AM - Big Creek Camp.
We are camped very close to Big Creek, in a large open meadow. Some people have what appears to be a long term camp on the opposite side of Big Creek.


What do you think of Big Creek Camp?

7PM - View from Big Creek bridge.
The evening is such a great time. We love the long shadows. It's also cooler, only about 83 degrees now. Mr. Mavica, his sidekick TriPod and George walked down to the bridge over Big Creek.


Looking down Big Creek from the bridge.


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