Friday, July 01, 2005

Canada Day Celebration.
This morning The Team will travel north about 24 kilometers, to the Towns of Pemberton and Mount Currie to view the Canada Day celebration. Both of these towns are located very close to each other. There will be a parade celebrating Canada's formation on July 1, 1867. Canada is 137 years old today.

12 Noon - Nairn Falls.
A bit south of Pemberton, we came upon the Green River which has the color of light emerald. The road runs above the Green, and looks down at the killer Nairn Falls, which is an unrunnable drop. We decided to take a hike to see the bottom of Nairn Falls. As you know, we are haunted by waters.

GreenRiverFalls1_07-01-2005Copy GreenRiverFalls2_07-01-2005Copy

Upper and lower Nairn Falls.

Forest facilities are spectacular.
The quantity and quality of facilities in the forests that we have visited in Canada is truly amazing. There are a zillion Provincial Parks, with dump stations and gorgeous trails. The Canadians must put a very high priority on their forests.


A lovely trail along the Green River south of Pemberton.

1PM - Pemberton Canada Day Parade.
The online announcement about the Pemberton parade had it starting at 1PM. We arrived at 1PM and found a sign in town stating that the parade would begin at 11AM. Wow!

The Pemberton Valley Supermarket is very well stocked. We bought some cookies fresh from the oven. Pemberton's downtown is only a few streets large.


Looking at downtown Pemberton.


We decided to stay in Pemberton for the family festival and fireworks.

Early evening - The Pemberton Canada Day Family Festival.
The Pemberton Community Center has a large grass field, where the Family Festival takes place. Charbroiled burgers, sodas, wine and beer. Games, contests and a whole lot of fun. This is the way small town Canada celebrates Canada's birthday. Mr. Mavica lets his pics tell you the story.

Carnival107-01-2005Copy Carnival207-01-2005Copy Carnival307-01-2005Copy Carnival407-01-2005Copy Carnival507-01-2005Copy Carnival607-01-2005Copy Carnival707-01-2005Copy Carnival807-01-2005Copy

We love fireworks!
Before the fireworks display, a rock band played rock and roll from a generation ago. Then came fire twirlers. And finally, the fireworks. Wow!


Fire twirlers and fireworks displays to celebrate Canada Day!

11PM - Nite Camping in Pemberton.
After the fireworks show, The Team decided to make our Nite Camp right in the parking lot of Pemberton's Community Center. A dozen or so huge school busses are here with us. What's good enough for those busses, is good enough for The Team.


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