Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Leaving Moose Lake.
We are heading down the mountain this morning. When we arrive at North Fork Road, where we camped before for few days, we will decide whether to return to Apgar Campground in Glacier Park, or head toward Columbia Falls.

Deer don't see me.
As I was typing this post, a deer came up from Moose Lake. It amazes me, that deer do not see me when I am inside MsTioga. I looked right at this deer, and the deer appeared to look right at me. We were only about 20 feet away from each other. A few minutes later, another deer came up from the Lake, and this deer did not see me either. Both deer went their separate ways up the mountain.

11AM - Day Camped at Lion Lake.
We had planned to Day Camp at the Apgar Picnic area, but the trees were soooooo tall, that Mr. Datastorm said, "Forget it." We dumped our holding tanks and filled the fresh water tank at the campground. Later in the afternoon, we will go into Kalispell to find out if Mr. Datastorm's replacement connector board has arrived. The board was sent to a Datastorm dealer for us to pick up.

3PM - At the Datastorm dealer.
The little interconnect board had been delivered, so we dropped by and picked it up. We are hoping that replacing this little board will fix up some of the problem symptoms with Mr. Datastorm.

4PM - Doing laundry at the Imperial Laundromat in Kalispell.
Man-O-Man, we have three loads of laundry to do! It is pretty warm here in Kalispell. It is amazing how nice and cool it was by comparison at Moose Lake where the elevation was 5,600 feet and the temp was 65 degrees this morning. Here in Kalispell it is 2,900 feet and 85 degrees this afternoon.


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