Saturday, July 30, 2005

The wonder of traveling only 30 miles each day!
A few wannabe RV vagabonds emailed me worrying about paying for gas when they retire. Why worry? If your goal is only to travel 30 miles each day, gas won't be a problem for you.

Is racing 200 miles and eating breakfast at Denny's what you want? How about leisurely going 10 miles and finding a place to make a Breakfast Camp? Yesterday for example, I drove a few miles and found my Breakfast Camp. I was happy at this Camp, because there was a nice view out the window of a ranch below me. Green grass and trees were in this view. It did not matter that also on this road was a gravel pit, and that I was close to a highway with trucks. What mattered was that I was in my fantastic MsTioga, preparing breakfast way out somewhere.

I will never get over the excitement of putting bacon and sausage into the pan for breakfast. It is sooooo great to be able to make breakfast in my own portable kitchen, with everything so convenient. To be able to set my table way out someplace that I've never been, and sit down and eat, looking out the window at the scene. Wow! Can it get better than that?

So why worry about paying for high priced gas? Why not think about making it your goal instead to travel leisurely? And enjoying the wonder of preparing your own meals in your own RV kitchen? And going only 30 miles each day, exploring our marvelous land? The Tioga and George RV Team traveled all the way from Cabo San Lucas this year to Calgary, Canada. We went all that way in less than six months, at only 30 miles each day.

6:30AM - Kootenai River Morning.
The Kootenai is a honkin' river, and has been flowing at over 18,000 cubic feet per second. Wow! Yesterday afternoon when it was really warm, I went down and cooled off my tooties in the clear and very cold Kootenai. Really great.


The Kootenai River at our Camp before dawn.

8AM - In the Town of Libby.
I gotta tell you that Libby is a swell town! There are tons of free U.S. Army Corps of Engineer campgrounds below Libby Dam and alongside the Mighty Kootenai River. We have made a Breakfast Camp at Libby's Memorial Park. Wow! The Memorial Park is an RVers paradise!


Libby loves us RVers!

9AM - Picking up the target pistols.
Remember back in June when I figured out how to store my target pistols while exploring in Canada? I packed up my pistols and sent them by UPS to a gunsmith here in the Town of Libby, Montana. This morning I went down to Rob Hughes' home in Libby, where Rob operates his gunsmith business.

If you are going into Canada and need a place to store your guns, find a gunsmith and UPS your guns there for cleaning or repair. Then, pick them up when you return to the USA. As long as the gunsmith does NOT insist on going thru a gun registration for your weapons.

12 Noon - Back in Memorial Park.
We had a Team Meeting, and decided to stay in Memorial Park for the afternoon. It gets pretty warm about this time of day in Libby, and maybe under some shady trees in the park is a place to hang out.

1PM - Reader Liz Pitrie visits The Team!
Liz is a resident of the Town of Libby, and a reader of our blog. Liz has emailed us a bunch of info about her Town of Libby. Liz is a retired chef whose specialty now is baking foccacia bread which she sells at the Farmer's Market here every Thursday. Liz brought a loaf of her wonderful foccacia bread as a gift. It is sooooooo delicious. It is also all gone. Yes, I ate the entire loaf already! Thank you soooo much Liz!

3PM - Back at Blackwell Flats Campground.
We moved our Camp back to Blackwell Flats. I am going to cool my feet in the wonderful chilly Kootenai River again!


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