Wednesday, August 31, 2005

7AM - Hike up behind our Orford South Camp.
Our morning walk went out to Hwy 101, and then back toward the Ocean out on what appears to be a man-made hill. The ocean end of this hill overlooks our Camp. While we were up in the highway area, we found a No Trespassing sign placed by Oregon Transportation.

We did not see that sign yesterday afternoon, because it was on the south end of the pullout. We were fortunate not to be found. This place was supposed to be our Breakfast Camp, but it is better to move on south for breakfast and clear this Camp.


Our Orford South Camp just after sunrise.

9AM - Breakfast Camped on a closed road.
This road leads down to gorgeous beach camping place! There is a gate preventing access for MsTioga. However, there is a convenient drive thru for 4WD vehicles on one side of the gate. After breakfast, Mr. Mavica wants to hike down this road to take a peek.

1PM - Returned from hike to the beach.
The road past the closed gate is definitely only for 4WDs. What a Camp it would make though! Tons of places to explore, little coves, a mile of deserted beach, a small mountain!

ClosedRoadB08-31-2005Copy ClosedRoadA08-31-2005Copy

Looking down at the beach [left]. On the beach [right]. Clickable thumbnails.

3PM - Gold Beach heading east toward Agness.
The mouth of the Mighty Rogue River is in the Town of Gold Beach. Did you know that George boated down the Rogue River many times? Hmmmm? The first time in 1977 in an inflatable kayak. Tipped over in the rapid entering Mule Creek Canyon and swam down to Coffee Pot, over a 1/4 mile! Since then there have been about 30 self-guided trips down the Rogue, mostly in rafts and hard shell kayaks.

The Team has decided to take Mr. DeLorme's advice and travel east thru the Town of Agness.


The bridge over the mighty Rogue River at Gold Beach, Oregon.

Traveling thru the forests.
I've found that everytime I drive into a forest, something happens to me. It is as though I become more tranquil. A buzzing feeling is in my chest. I am soooo calm, and soooo peaceful. For me that is really something, because I am usally very calm and peaceful. Maybe it is the sunlight filtering thru the trees. Or the shadows. I love it so!

6PM - Nite Camped in the Siskiyou National Forest.
MsTioga had a tough time going up the steep grade of Forest Road #23. Her motor got pretty hot. MsTioga wants to find someway to keep her engine much cooler. MsTioga says that she gets much too hot, much too fast. Our Camp is in the shade of the forest, and MsTioga has her hood open in order to cool down.


Our Nite Camp looks over a deep canyon.

The Illinois River - The Tioga Team's first great boondock site!
Our first trip north was during the summer of 2003. We made a Camp along the Illinois River. This was our first great boondock site. We want to return to that site in a few days. Mr. DeLorme is exploring how to get there.
The Illinois River!

Nite Camp Map Link

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

7AM - Our Camp is 1,100 feet above the Ocean!
At 4AM we moved our Nite Camp to this location because of traffic noise at last nite's Camp which was close to Hwy 101. We are now alongside Langlois Mountain Road, which dead ends about 7 miles east. Very little traffic, and no homes are visible.

Outside MsTioga's window looking north, are brown hills descending to a green forest which extends to the Pacific Ocean. The Ocean is only five miles away, easy to see with the naked eye. George is not in the pic below, because he is still in his PJs!


View from MsTioga's window looking north. Do you see the Pacific Ocean?

11AM - A gorgeous day in Port Orford!
The Team has found its Day Camp very close to the harbor of Port Orford. The Pacific Ocean is a soooo bright and blue. In the pic below, George whose imagination is legend, must be imagining that he is a boat captain?! What do you think?


George pilots his boat at Port Orford.

Wild flowers are blooming in Oregon!
Over the past few weeks, The Team has viewed tons of wildflowers in bloom. Especially wild sweetpeas of sooooo many colors!


Happy George has his pic taken with wild sweetpeas.

2PM - Mr. Sony Mavica and his sidekick TriPod go for a walk.
Sony and TriPod took George along and went up the hill behind the port of Port Orford. From up high we could see MsTioga waiting patiently at our Camp. Do you see her too?


George looks down at the port of Port Orford. Do you see MsTioga way down there?

6PM - Our incredible good fortune!
A little after 5PM we broke our Day Camp at the port of Port Orford, and began driving slowly south. This area is very beautiful, so we were driving really slow and taking in the scenery. MsTioga had to pull over every few minutes to let the rushing traffic fly by.

About 10 miles south of Port Orford, we came upon a pullout. This place is a gravel storage area, probably owned by the State of Oregon. It is NOT posted! Perhaps a State Trooper may include this pullout in his rounds and we may be moving on. But, maybe not!


View of our Nite Camp from MsTioga's rear window. Man! That George is fast!

How do you keep your RV's carpet clean?
I've raved about Folex before. MsTioga's carpet is kept clean only by using Folex. Whenever there is a spot of dirt or grease, it is removed by spraying Folex and scrubbing gently with a brush.
Folex Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner


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Monday, August 29, 2005

8AM - Heading into the Town of Bandon.
The Team is breaking our Nite Camp along Seven Devils Road (we love that road name!), and heading south toward the Town of Bandon. We have heard good things about Bandon, and are anxious to explore.

11AM - Day Camped at the Coquille River Lighthouse.
This Camp is at the mouth of the Coquille River, across from the Town of Bandon, Oregon. Mr. Mavica and his pal TriPod are banging on MsTioga's door to go out and take some pics of the lighthouse.


Coquille River Lighthouse in Bandon, Oregon.

3PM - The Town of Bandon, Oregon.
We are doing things in Bandon. MsTioga dumped her used motor oil at the Texaco XPress Lube and she filled up on gasoline. George needed a haircut, and got one at Mick's Hair Surgeons.


George and Mick.

4PM - We are Supper Camped along Bandon's coast.
We found a road that loops from Hwy 101 down to the coast and back, and made our Supper Camp close to the ocean. From MsTioga's computer workstation window, the ocean waves may be seen pounding in from many angles. In the pic below, George shows off his buzz cut against the backdrop of the ocean.


Do you like George's buzz cut?

7:30PM - Just took a roast beast out of the oven!

And this roast beast is soooooo delicious and sooooo tender. Wow! I am afraid that I'm going to eat the whole thing before supper! God! Please give me strength!

8:30PM - Nite Camped in south Bandon, Oregon.
We waited until sunset, and drove south until we found this large field, and there we made our Nite Camp. Before we left our Day Camp on the coast, Mr. Mavica and his pal TriPod took a pic of the setting Sun. Can you take yet another sunset pic? Hmmmmm?


George looks at the sunset in the Town of Bandon.

4:00AM - Moved Nite Camp.
Our south of Bandon Nite Camp was getting noisy as big trucks began to move on nearby Hwy #101. So, we moved our Nite Camp south to Langlois and went up Langlois Mountain Road a few miles.

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How about a way to publish your photos and tell friends about your RVing adventures? Hmmmm? A Blog is the easiest way to having your own webpage!
Blog and Website Publishing!


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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Exploring the North Bend/Coos Bay area.
Today we will be poking around finding out about North Bend, Coos Bay, Charleston, Bunker Hill. George wants to get his haircut. On Sunday? Hmmm?

11:30AM - Kings Table Buffet in Coos Bay.
We received email from reader Cheryl who wrote, "If you want to indulge yourself, the King's Buffet on the main street was pretty good and inexpensive. It's somewhat run down, but the fish and chips were amazing." Thank you, Cheryl! We love amazing fish and chips!

5PM - Day Camped at the Simpson Reef Overlook.
This overlook is southwest of the center of Coos Bay. There are a zillion California sea lions and northern elephant seals on the island rocks just off shore. There is a cacophony of endless barking.


There are a zillion sea lions and elephant seals out on those rocks!

6PM - Day Camped at the end of Cape Arago Highway!
Shore Acres State Park is a fantastic place. We are at the end of the road inside the Park. Visitors come and just gaze out at the endless waters of the Pacific Ocean. Many picnic tables near the cliffs overlook wonderful ocean views. A trail leads to North Cove. Below in North Cove, sea lions look up barking at the visitors. Wow!


The Oregon coast is a special place.

7:30PM - End of the day.
This park closes at 6PM. Are visitors going home? No-siree! We are staying to see the beauty of the this day's end!


Late Arago afternoon.


Sunset at Cape Arago.

9PM - Nite Camped along Seven Devils Road southwest of Coos Bay.
We were heading back to Coos Bay to make our Nite Camp, when we stumbled upon a road going to the Town of Bandon! Wow! Following this road, we found a large pullout, and made this our Nite Camp.


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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Oregon Dunes Viewpoint!
We have made a Day Camp at the Oregon Dunes Viewpoint. Wood stairs lead up the hill to a wonderful place from which to see the dunes and the Ocean beyond. It makes me feel sooooo good to be here!
Looking at the Oregon Dunes from this wonderful Viewpoint.

1PM - In the Town of Reedsport.
MsTioga got her propane tank filled, and now we at the coin laundry washing clothes.

Do you have troubles with food?
I have big troubles with food, because I Love To Eat! Sometimes I am overwhelmed with a desire for something. For example a couple of nites ago I read a recipe for oatmeal cookies on the Old Fashioned Oats box. It was 11PM, and I found myself warming up the oven and making cookies! This recipe called for shortening, and since I had no shortening I used butter. Well, that butter must have been the right thing, because those oatmeal cookies tasted soooooo good. I could not stop myself, and in just over a day I ate the whole batch of cookies!

One of my values concerns my health. Have you read my values pages? One of my goals under health is "To never over eat." Ha! Wanna know something? Hmmmm? Sometimes when things breakdown a lot, I will treat myself out for supper. Makes me feel good. What happens to "not overeating" on days like that? That goal just goes flying away as though I never wrote it. Wow!

5PM - Supper Camped in Saunders Lake Park.
We do a lot of exploring while traveling, and when we explored into Saunders Park, everybody on The Team shouted, "Let's stay here for awhile!" So we did. This lovely park is in the Town of North Bend.

During the afternoon, we were looking for a road to the beach. It is interesting that while driving along Hwy #101, glimpses of the gorgeous sand dunes can be seen from the highway, however there are no roads to the beach! Hmmmm?
George benched along the lovely Saunders Lake.

8PM - Nite Camped in a residential/commercial/neighborhood of North Bend.
MsTioga is next to what appears to be a vacant industrial building. Camping next to a vacant building is usually a good thing. On August 19, 2003 we made a Camp only three blocks from here.

The Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge looking across Coos Bay.

Apollo 13 Movie.
The Team is very excited about getting back to watching the movie, "Apollo 13" on the TV. We broke off watching the movie in order to move to our Nite Camp to the Town of North Bend. Former astronaut James Lovell, commander of Apollo 13 is a guest and is being interviewed during movie breaks. Wow! Hearing and seeing Jim Lovell is sooooo neat!


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Friday, August 26, 2005

7AM - MsTioga at the Wonder Wash!
Would you believe that this is the very first time that MsTioga has ever visited a car wash? Hmmmm? It is! It never occurred to anybody on The Team that we should use a car wash. MsTioga says, "I feel 20 lbs lighter, because of all the mud that was washed away!" The Wonder Wash only cost $2!!


MsTioga visits Wonder Wash in Eugene!

10AM - Tour of the Monaco RV plant.
Reader Larry wrote that he is buying a new Monaco Safari RV, which is manufactured in the Town of Coburg. Larry told us that Monaco gives tours of their plant everyday at 10AM, so we went over to take a peek. It was a good tour.


George and MsTioga at the Monaco plant.

Do you know Bill and Janet Adams, the famous Datastorm dealer?
Bill wrote us an email invitation that he and his wife Janet were staying in the Eugene area for a week. So, we went over to say hi. Bill's business is unique because of their lifetime support with purchase of a Datastorm. Here is a link to Bill and Janet's website.

Bill and Janet's Internet Anywhere


George, Janet and Bill in Eugene, Oregon.

2PM - Heading west toward the Pacific Ocean.
We had a Team Meeting, and decided to head to where the temperature is cooler. The Pacific Ocean coast seems to be that place. We will travel along Hwy #126 toward Florence.

6PM - Supper Camped along Siltcoos Beach.
Siltcoos Beach is part of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Off Highway Vehicles are permitted in parts of this area, but not on the lovely beach in the pic below. In the parking area all around MsTioga, people are setting up their OHVs. It is Friday afternoon, OHV time!!


George looks at the Pacific Ocean at Siltcoos Beach.

11PM - Camped in a no parking area.
Our Supper Camp was made in a parking area signed with "Clear out all vehicles by 10PM." But Old George fell asleep, and here it is 11PM. Our plan was to stay overnite in one of the several nearby campgrounds, but we found that they were all full. Apparently this place is very popular with the OHV people on the weekend.

12 Midnite - We find a Nite Camp on a logging road.
We are sooooo lucky. Here it is a moonless nite, and somehow we stumble onto this logging road. We have made a Nite Camp in a pullout. Mr. Datastorm has found his spacestation uplink and Mr. Levelers has barely been able to bring MsTioga level. Wow!

Does your RV have Leveling Jacks?
RV leveling jacks are essential for the full timer. Do you ever find yourself using wood blocks in the rain to level out your RV?
Electric Scissors Leveling Jacks for RVs.


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Thursday, August 25, 2005

4AM - Lewis and Clark's Fort Clatsop!
Sometimes we get a kick out of driving in the early morning, before dawn, before traffic. At our Nite Camp, traffic noise started getting loud. So, we broke Camp and followed Mr. DeLorme's directions to Fort Clatsop. There were hardly any cars on the road as we drove twice over the Mighty Columbia River.

5AM - Camped at the Fort.
We have made Camp a short distance away from the Fort Clatsop parking area in a pulloff next to a farmer's field. We took a peek outside, and the nite's sky is soooooo clear. Stars are out and there is a 1/2 Moon. It's time to go back to bed and get some more sleep. It is real quiet here.

7AM - Morning Walk!
It is time for the morning walk, and what a gorgeous morning it is!


George, MsTioga and The Team at Camp Clatsop.

4PM - Wow! We are in Eugene, Oregon!
After this morning's walk, Mr. Datastorm's power supply refused to work! We could not go online. A phone call to Motosat determined that the closest dealer to our location was in Eugene, Oregon. Soooo, here we are in Eugene. It is possible that today's trip miles are the most in MsTioga's history. 204 miles so far this day. Man-O-Man!!

Being able to go online from MsTioga.
Until I heard about the Datastorm system, I never considered being an RVer. That is how important the internet is to me. When I heard about Datastorm back in 2003, a new world opened itself up to me. Now, if Mr. Datastorm goes down, everything gets set aside until he is working again. We were very lucky to find a dealer that had a power supply for our system in stock! We bought that power supply, and that is how Mr. Datastorm was able to work again.

Do you know The Firedude?!
This afternoon, reader Eddie emailed that Firedude was camping in the City of Eugene. Do you know Firedude? His real name is Tony, and he is the popular moderator on RV.NET. We headed out to meet Firedude at the RV campground where he is staying. Firedude was really surprised when The Team showed up at his Camp.


George and Firedude in Eugene!

7PM - Supper Camped in the Town of Coburg.
We made our Supper Camp at the Norma Pfeiffer Park in the Town of Coburg. A short distance away a band is playing light rock-and-roll!!


George and MsTioga in the Town of Coburg.

10PM - Nite Camped in the Town of Eugene.
We found an undeveloped area in Eugene. Vacant lots surround our Camp.


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