Thursday, August 25, 2005

4AM - Lewis and Clark's Fort Clatsop!
Sometimes we get a kick out of driving in the early morning, before dawn, before traffic. At our Nite Camp, traffic noise started getting loud. So, we broke Camp and followed Mr. DeLorme's directions to Fort Clatsop. There were hardly any cars on the road as we drove twice over the Mighty Columbia River.

5AM - Camped at the Fort.
We have made Camp a short distance away from the Fort Clatsop parking area in a pulloff next to a farmer's field. We took a peek outside, and the nite's sky is soooooo clear. Stars are out and there is a 1/2 Moon. It's time to go back to bed and get some more sleep. It is real quiet here.

7AM - Morning Walk!
It is time for the morning walk, and what a gorgeous morning it is!


George, MsTioga and The Team at Camp Clatsop.

4PM - Wow! We are in Eugene, Oregon!
After this morning's walk, Mr. Datastorm's power supply refused to work! We could not go online. A phone call to Motosat determined that the closest dealer to our location was in Eugene, Oregon. Soooo, here we are in Eugene. It is possible that today's trip miles are the most in MsTioga's history. 204 miles so far this day. Man-O-Man!!

Being able to go online from MsTioga.
Until I heard about the Datastorm system, I never considered being an RVer. That is how important the internet is to me. When I heard about Datastorm back in 2003, a new world opened itself up to me. Now, if Mr. Datastorm goes down, everything gets set aside until he is working again. We were very lucky to find a dealer that had a power supply for our system in stock! We bought that power supply, and that is how Mr. Datastorm was able to work again.

Do you know The Firedude?!
This afternoon, reader Eddie emailed that Firedude was camping in the City of Eugene. Do you know Firedude? His real name is Tony, and he is the popular moderator on RV.NET. We headed out to meet Firedude at the RV campground where he is staying. Firedude was really surprised when The Team showed up at his Camp.


George and Firedude in Eugene!

7PM - Supper Camped in the Town of Coburg.
We made our Supper Camp at the Norma Pfeiffer Park in the Town of Coburg. A short distance away a band is playing light rock-and-roll!!


George and MsTioga in the Town of Coburg.

10PM - Nite Camped in the Town of Eugene.
We found an undeveloped area in Eugene. Vacant lots surround our Camp.


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  1. That spot has businesses there now. Just a short ways north there are a couple vacant lots still that look like they would work for boondocking.