Wednesday, August 03, 2005

5AM - Pulled out of Bonners Ferry.
Traffic noise got a bit loud, so we headed south to find a quiet place to finish sleeping. We found this quiet place in Naples, Idaho, overlooking McArthur Lake.

9AM - At The Wal*Mart in Sandpoint, Idaho.
We do not know why, but everytime that we see a Wal*Mart we want to go in there.

11AM - Visiting at Steve Willey's place.
Do you remember Steve Willey who founded Backwoods Solar Electric Systems? We visited Steve in June, 2004 [link]. Steve sold his successful company last year, and The Team came by to see how he is doing in his retirement. In the pic below, you may see some of the many solar panels that supply electricity to Steve's home. Steve has no power connection to the local grid, only solar power.


Camped out at Steve's place.

After supper, Steve and his wife Elizabeth invited George to go on a walk in the forest surrounding their home.


George, Elizabeth and Steve.


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