Wednesday, August 31, 2005

7AM - Hike up behind our Orford South Camp.
Our morning walk went out to Hwy 101, and then back toward the Ocean out on what appears to be a man-made hill. The ocean end of this hill overlooks our Camp. While we were up in the highway area, we found a No Trespassing sign placed by Oregon Transportation.

We did not see that sign yesterday afternoon, because it was on the south end of the pullout. We were fortunate not to be found. This place was supposed to be our Breakfast Camp, but it is better to move on south for breakfast and clear this Camp.


Our Orford South Camp just after sunrise.

9AM - Breakfast Camped on a closed road.
This road leads down to gorgeous beach camping place! There is a gate preventing access for MsTioga. However, there is a convenient drive thru for 4WD vehicles on one side of the gate. After breakfast, Mr. Mavica wants to hike down this road to take a peek.

1PM - Returned from hike to the beach.
The road past the closed gate is definitely only for 4WDs. What a Camp it would make though! Tons of places to explore, little coves, a mile of deserted beach, a small mountain!

ClosedRoadB08-31-2005Copy ClosedRoadA08-31-2005Copy

Looking down at the beach [left]. On the beach [right]. Clickable thumbnails.

3PM - Gold Beach heading east toward Agness.
The mouth of the Mighty Rogue River is in the Town of Gold Beach. Did you know that George boated down the Rogue River many times? Hmmmm? The first time in 1977 in an inflatable kayak. Tipped over in the rapid entering Mule Creek Canyon and swam down to Coffee Pot, over a 1/4 mile! Since then there have been about 30 self-guided trips down the Rogue, mostly in rafts and hard shell kayaks.

The Team has decided to take Mr. DeLorme's advice and travel east thru the Town of Agness.


The bridge over the mighty Rogue River at Gold Beach, Oregon.

Traveling thru the forests.
I've found that everytime I drive into a forest, something happens to me. It is as though I become more tranquil. A buzzing feeling is in my chest. I am soooo calm, and soooo peaceful. For me that is really something, because I am usally very calm and peaceful. Maybe it is the sunlight filtering thru the trees. Or the shadows. I love it so!

6PM - Nite Camped in the Siskiyou National Forest.
MsTioga had a tough time going up the steep grade of Forest Road #23. Her motor got pretty hot. MsTioga wants to find someway to keep her engine much cooler. MsTioga says that she gets much too hot, much too fast. Our Camp is in the shade of the forest, and MsTioga has her hood open in order to cool down.


Our Nite Camp looks over a deep canyon.

The Illinois River - The Tioga Team's first great boondock site!
Our first trip north was during the summer of 2003. We made a Camp along the Illinois River. This was our first great boondock site. We want to return to that site in a few days. Mr. DeLorme is exploring how to get there.
The Illinois River!

Nite Camp Map Link

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