Friday, August 26, 2005

7AM - MsTioga at the Wonder Wash!
Would you believe that this is the very first time that MsTioga has ever visited a car wash? Hmmmm? It is! It never occurred to anybody on The Team that we should use a car wash. MsTioga says, "I feel 20 lbs lighter, because of all the mud that was washed away!" The Wonder Wash only cost $2!!


MsTioga visits Wonder Wash in Eugene!

10AM - Tour of the Monaco RV plant.
Reader Larry wrote that he is buying a new Monaco Safari RV, which is manufactured in the Town of Coburg. Larry told us that Monaco gives tours of their plant everyday at 10AM, so we went over to take a peek. It was a good tour.


George and MsTioga at the Monaco plant.

Do you know Bill and Janet Adams, the famous Datastorm dealer?
Bill wrote us an email invitation that he and his wife Janet were staying in the Eugene area for a week. So, we went over to say hi. Bill's business is unique because of their lifetime support with purchase of a Datastorm. Here is a link to Bill and Janet's website.

Bill and Janet's Internet Anywhere


George, Janet and Bill in Eugene, Oregon.

2PM - Heading west toward the Pacific Ocean.
We had a Team Meeting, and decided to head to where the temperature is cooler. The Pacific Ocean coast seems to be that place. We will travel along Hwy #126 toward Florence.

6PM - Supper Camped along Siltcoos Beach.
Siltcoos Beach is part of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Off Highway Vehicles are permitted in parts of this area, but not on the lovely beach in the pic below. In the parking area all around MsTioga, people are setting up their OHVs. It is Friday afternoon, OHV time!!


George looks at the Pacific Ocean at Siltcoos Beach.

11PM - Camped in a no parking area.
Our Supper Camp was made in a parking area signed with "Clear out all vehicles by 10PM." But Old George fell asleep, and here it is 11PM. Our plan was to stay overnite in one of the several nearby campgrounds, but we found that they were all full. Apparently this place is very popular with the OHV people on the weekend.

12 Midnite - We find a Nite Camp on a logging road.
We are sooooo lucky. Here it is a moonless nite, and somehow we stumble onto this logging road. We have made a Nite Camp in a pullout. Mr. Datastorm has found his spacestation uplink and Mr. Levelers has barely been able to bring MsTioga level. Wow!

Does your RV have Leveling Jacks?
RV leveling jacks are essential for the full timer. Do you ever find yourself using wood blocks in the rain to level out your RV?
Electric Scissors Leveling Jacks for RVs.


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