Tuesday, August 30, 2005

7AM - Our Camp is 1,100 feet above the Ocean!
At 4AM we moved our Nite Camp to this location because of traffic noise at last nite's Camp which was close to Hwy 101. We are now alongside Langlois Mountain Road, which dead ends about 7 miles east. Very little traffic, and no homes are visible.

Outside MsTioga's window looking north, are brown hills descending to a green forest which extends to the Pacific Ocean. The Ocean is only five miles away, easy to see with the naked eye. George is not in the pic below, because he is still in his PJs!


View from MsTioga's window looking north. Do you see the Pacific Ocean?

11AM - A gorgeous day in Port Orford!
The Team has found its Day Camp very close to the harbor of Port Orford. The Pacific Ocean is a soooo bright and blue. In the pic below, George whose imagination is legend, must be imagining that he is a boat captain?! What do you think?


George pilots his boat at Port Orford.

Wild flowers are blooming in Oregon!
Over the past few weeks, The Team has viewed tons of wildflowers in bloom. Especially wild sweetpeas of sooooo many colors!


Happy George has his pic taken with wild sweetpeas.

2PM - Mr. Sony Mavica and his sidekick TriPod go for a walk.
Sony and TriPod took George along and went up the hill behind the port of Port Orford. From up high we could see MsTioga waiting patiently at our Camp. Do you see her too?


George looks down at the port of Port Orford. Do you see MsTioga way down there?

6PM - Our incredible good fortune!
A little after 5PM we broke our Day Camp at the port of Port Orford, and began driving slowly south. This area is very beautiful, so we were driving really slow and taking in the scenery. MsTioga had to pull over every few minutes to let the rushing traffic fly by.

About 10 miles south of Port Orford, we came upon a pullout. This place is a gravel storage area, probably owned by the State of Oregon. It is NOT posted! Perhaps a State Trooper may include this pullout in his rounds and we may be moving on. But, maybe not!


View of our Nite Camp from MsTioga's rear window. Man! That George is fast!

How do you keep your RV's carpet clean?
I've raved about Folex before. MsTioga's carpet is kept clean only by using Folex. Whenever there is a spot of dirt or grease, it is removed by spraying Folex and scrubbing gently with a brush.
Folex Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner


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