Monday, August 29, 2005

8AM - Heading into the Town of Bandon.
The Team is breaking our Nite Camp along Seven Devils Road (we love that road name!), and heading south toward the Town of Bandon. We have heard good things about Bandon, and are anxious to explore.

11AM - Day Camped at the Coquille River Lighthouse.
This Camp is at the mouth of the Coquille River, across from the Town of Bandon, Oregon. Mr. Mavica and his pal TriPod are banging on MsTioga's door to go out and take some pics of the lighthouse.


Coquille River Lighthouse in Bandon, Oregon.

3PM - The Town of Bandon, Oregon.
We are doing things in Bandon. MsTioga dumped her used motor oil at the Texaco XPress Lube and she filled up on gasoline. George needed a haircut, and got one at Mick's Hair Surgeons.


George and Mick.

4PM - We are Supper Camped along Bandon's coast.
We found a road that loops from Hwy 101 down to the coast and back, and made our Supper Camp close to the ocean. From MsTioga's computer workstation window, the ocean waves may be seen pounding in from many angles. In the pic below, George shows off his buzz cut against the backdrop of the ocean.


Do you like George's buzz cut?

7:30PM - Just took a roast beast out of the oven!

And this roast beast is soooooo delicious and sooooo tender. Wow! I am afraid that I'm going to eat the whole thing before supper! God! Please give me strength!

8:30PM - Nite Camped in south Bandon, Oregon.
We waited until sunset, and drove south until we found this large field, and there we made our Nite Camp. Before we left our Day Camp on the coast, Mr. Mavica and his pal TriPod took a pic of the setting Sun. Can you take yet another sunset pic? Hmmmmm?


George looks at the sunset in the Town of Bandon.

4:00AM - Moved Nite Camp.
Our south of Bandon Nite Camp was getting noisy as big trucks began to move on nearby Hwy #101. So, we moved our Nite Camp south to Langlois and went up Langlois Mountain Road a few miles.

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